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GivingTuesday’s Starling Collective Alumni

Meet the Starling Collective Alumni

GivingTuesday’s Starling Collective is a new experimental learning lab for grassroots leaders and movement builders who are driving change in their communities. These creative, passionate leaders are working to accelerate their innovative approaches to catalyzing generosity, empathy, equity, and justice.

Starling Collective Fellows include 109 grassroots organizers, activists, artists, and changemakers representing 29 countries, speaking 33 languages, and ranging in age from 11 to 71--all creating extraordinary impact.

Abdulrehman Alwy
Red Splash
Mombasa, Kenya

Abdulrehman Alwy is the chairperson for Red Splash, which exists to save lives by providing blood to patients for free on time. Abdulrehman is passionate about saving people’s lives and believes technology and youth can solve global problems.

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Agita Pasaribu
Bullyid Indonesia
Depok, West Java, Indonesia

Agita founded Bullyid App, which uses AI to identify cyberbullying as well as other forms of harassment and domestic violence.

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Aisha Charves
Adopt a Family
Santa Cruz County, CA, United States

Aisha Charves is building a replicable online program to support 500+ local families. She has a degree in Community Development (and Arabic) and was a Fulbright Fellow to the United Arab Emirates.

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Alayne Unterberger
FICS - Florida Institute for Community Studies
Tampa, Florida

Alayne is working to increase awareness of mutual aid at a national level to explore the possibilities of this culture of giving to improve the quality of life for all.

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Alexandra Tsai
The Farmlink Project
La Jolla, CA, United States

Alex Tsai is working to expand The Farmlink Project to reimagine the food supply chain by connecting farms with surplus produce to food-insecure communities across America. Alex is a Computer Science major at Stanford University.

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Aline Vick
Rede de Alimentos (Food Network)
Pirassununga, São Paulo, Brazil

Aline Vick aims to unite donors of food to the organizations and people in need throughout her community. She has a passion for social work and volunteering and she is working to increase the culture of giving in her city.

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Barbara Kemigisa
SHE Ambassadors
Hoima, Uganda

Barbara Kemigisa is an HIV activist and motivational speaker who is founding S.H.E (Safe, Healthy and Empowered) ambassadors, an initiative that mentors young girls to speak up and step out to be the change in their communities.

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Byron Barbieri
Huerteros B&A
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Byron Barbieri is working to create vegetable gardens in dining rooms and community centers in Buenos Aires. Byron is 16 years old and is a kids ambassador for Un Dia para Dar and enjoys drawing, comics and animals.

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Chelsea Phaire
Virtual Art Kit Packing Party
Danbury, CT, United States

11-year-old Chelsea Phaire is excited to provide art kits to more children and create satellite sites of Chelsea’s Charity. Chelsea, with the help of her family, has delivered over 7,000 art kits to those in need since 2019.

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Cheryl Low
Battle of the Bosses!
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Cheryl Low is spearheading a new corporate fundraising effort, Battle of the Bosses, to increase awareness and spur more giving to charities. Cheryl is the CEO of SimplyGiving, Asia’s crowdfunding platform for social good.

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Christelle Dreyer
Tractus Art
Cape Town, South Africa

Christelle Dreyer collaborates with a variety of artists with disabilities to share information in an artistic way. Christelle was born with a disability named Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), and is a visual communicator, raising awareness of disability inclusion.

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Christy S. N. Butcher
Pay It Forward Project
Castries, Saint Lucia

Christy Butcher is launching the “Fitness Premiere League” to engage businesses across the Caribbean to get fit while raising funds for causes. Christy is a Certified Health Educator and Wellness Coach and helped launch GivingTuesday Eastern Caribbean.

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Danislava Delcheva
What's The Problem?
Sofia, Bulgaria

Danislava Delcheva is the founder of Reflektor, which aims to grow generosity among the NGO sector and young people in Bulgaria. Through photography, the project will focus on how the power of self-awareness can make communities better.

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Débora Verdan
Documentário sobre a cultura de doação no Brasil
São Paulo, Brazil

Débora Verdan is producing a documentary to highlight the culture of giving in Brazil, to inspire more generosity. Débora is a journalist, and specialist in Communication and Marketing, Cultural Management, and Distance Education.

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Devonta Boston
Dream Desert To Oasis
Chicago, IL, United States

Devonta Boston is working with young artists and youth to apply posters and elevate messages of Black Lives Matter, freeing your dream and freeing the kids. From Chicago’s south side, Devonta has been involved in community organizing since 2011.

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Diego Da Ros
School of Generosity

Diego Da Ros is creating a program dedicated to generosity for students aged 11 to 18, focusing on the values of empathy, solidarity, and social justice. Diego co-leads the GivingTuesday Italy movement.

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Dumiso Gatsha
Queer Storytelling for Healing (QSH)
Francistown, Botswana

Dumiso Gatsha is working to expand Queer Storytelling for Healing (QSH) – a toolkit developed and piloted through participatory community practice in three rural villages in Botswana.

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Elpís Ziouva
Dia de Doar Kids 2020 Schools Award
São Paulo, Brazil

Elpís Ziouva is a partner at Umbigo do Mundo and is a co-founder of Dia de Doar Kids.

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Emily Churchill-Smith
Montreal, Canada

Emily Churchill-Smith aims to accelerate the impact of Makeflix, a creative clothing repair project that uses repair as a holistic approach to engaging with the environment, digital communities, and intergenerational knowledge.

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Evadne Wilkinson
Spoken Word in These Times
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Evadne Wilkinson is working to launch a new program focused on African and Caribbean arts and cultural enrichment for children of African descent.

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Fabian Mella Lukacs
4 Vientos
Santiago, Chile

Fabian Mella Lukacs seeks to expand the Cuatro Vientos project, a humanitarian aid program in Chile that helps migrants enter the labor market. Fabian is a co-founder and Board Advisor of SocialAce.org

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Fernando Morales-de la Cruz
Cartoons for Change to eradicate child labor
Strasbourg, France

Fernando Morales-de la Cruz is designing a campaign against child labor and modern slavery, with the participation of cartoonists from all continents. Fernando is a human rights activist, journalist, political consultant, and social entrepreneur.

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Francisco Rojo
Madrid, Spain

Francisco Rojo is the founder and president of Voluntechies, a non-profit using new technologies like virtual reality, robotics, and drones to help kids in the hospital or elderly people. Francisco is a social entrepreneur and business professional.

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Henneke Cook
The Hephzibah Project
Manchester, UK

Henneke Cook is organizing a coffee shop as a safe space for women refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants. The Hephzibah Project will serve as a center for trauma healing, development, and friendship, with good coffee as a bonus.

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Jahkil Jackson
Virtual Packing Party
Chicago, IL, United States

13-year-old Jahkil Jackson is organizing a virtual packing party with approximately 115 youth across the country. Participants will join a video call to make a total of 5,000 Blessing Bags filled with toiletry items for homeless populations.

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Jennifer Colpas
Energía Grata
Cartagena, Colombia

Jenifer Colpas is committed to bringing solar energy solutions (such as solar lamps, solar poles, and energy systems for homes) to rural families in order to increase their well-being, productivity and security.

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Jeremías Batto
Manos Solidarias
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jeremías Batto is on a mission to make sure that those who need it have necessary hygiene supplies and food staples to help them feel that they are not alone and are not forgotten. Jeremías is an ambassador of #UnDiaParaDarAR.

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Joanna Peñalver
Cuidemos a nuestros héroes de la salud
Los Teques, Venezuela

Joanna is a Global Leader of GivingTuesday Venezuela. She is a social leader, directing the Venezuelan Organization of Autism and the organization Solidaridad Activa that works with the Venezuelan Diaspora.

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Juan Pablo Hernández
4 Vientos
Santiago, Chile

Juan Pablo Hernández seeks to expand the Cuatro Vientos project, a humanitarian aid program in Chile that helps migrants enter the labor market. Juan Pablo is an entrepreneur focused on accelerating eco-social projects around the world.

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Julieta Meléndez
Activá tu generosidad
Montevideo, Uruguay

Julieta Meléndez plans to co-produce five urban interventions through dance for exposure and awareness about GivingTuesday Uruguay and social causes. Julieta is an impact and development consultant, and the co-leader of GivingTuesday Uruguay

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Junueth Mejia
Helping Latino Youth Influencers Empower Nonprofits
California, United States

Junueth Mejia is working to empower more young Latino micro-influencers to become ambassadors and inspire generosity. Junueth is responsible for the strategy and operation of the HIPGive crowdfunding platform.

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Karin Rupia
Stories of Giving: Generosity and resilience in time of crisis
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Karin Rupia is documenting stories of giving and generosity to inspire giving and generosity during this difficult time of COVID-19. Karin has been a GivingTuesday Tanzania global leader since 2016 and works for Foundation for Civil Society.

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Kevia McComb
The Farmlink Project
New York, NY, United States

Kevia McComb is a co-lead for The Farmlink Project, which connects farms with surplus produce to food-insecure communities across America. Kevia is a junior at Stanford University majoring in International Relations.

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Kristina Wong
Auntie Sewing Squad
Los Angeles, CA, United States

Kristina Wong founded The Auntie Sewing Squad to connect friends sewing masks for essential workers. The network now has hundreds of Aunties and has shipped tens of thousands of masks to vulnerable communities.

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Lesein Mutunkei
Trees For Goals Football Tournament
Nairobi, Kenya

Lesein Mutunkei is organizing a football tournament to encourage local football teams to get involved in planting trees. The Trees for Goals tournament will educate players and fans about conserving the environment.

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Liubov Rainchuk
Kyiv, Ukraine

Liubov Rainchuk is organizing a flashmob with influencers, the charity sector, and business partners to share their good deeds and experiences. Liubov is the head of culture of giving department in Zagoriy Foundation and GivingTuesday Ukraine co-leader.

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Lyz Luke
Living Jazz - The Pickup Sessions
Oakland, CA, United States

Lyz Luke is working to expand The Pickup Sessions, a collaboration led by Living Jazz in partnership with the West Oakland Food Pantry. These live music performances aim to transform the act of standing in line for essential supplies.

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Mariam El-Khatib
LaunchGood: Stories of Muslims Making a Difference
Minneapolis, MN, United States

Mariam El-Khatib is a Product Manager at LaunchGood, a crowdfunding platform aimed at supporting Muslims and their projects. Mariam is working to share video stories of Muslims who are making a difference.

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Marina Pechlivanis
Dia de Doar Kids 2020 Schools Award
São Paulo, Brazil

Marina Pechlivanis is creating the first Dia de Doar Kids Award to encourage Brazilian schools to engage and mobilize their students, their families, and their networks. Marina is the founding partner of Umbigo do Mundo.

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Maya Dukes
Enough Protest
Atlanta, GA, United States

Maya Dukes is assembling teams to remove obstacles that prevent voting access for homeless and low-income individuals and encourage homeless registrants to list a shelter address as their voting address.

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Me Zin Anawar
Myitkyina, Kachin State, Myanmar

Me Zin Anawar is focused on creating virtual training for young adults, with a focus on design thinking, media and digital literacy, career mentorship & soft skills. Empowering citizens with quality education defines who shapes the future.

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Michelle Jean C. Batinga
Cabanatuan City, Philippines

Michelle Jean C. Batinga is coordinating a new project, “Initiative on Making Anti-Covid-9 Kits for Enhanced Protection and Health”, that trains selected leaders from ten community organizations to collaborate and produce anti-COVID-19 kits.

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Nadeem Riaz
LaunchGood: Stories of Muslims Making a Difference
Rancho Cucamonga, California

Nadeem Riaz is helping to launch “Stories of Muslims Making a Difference”, a project that shares stories of Muslims who are making a difference in their local communities and across the globe.

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Nathan Williams
Mutual Aid Hub
Portland, OR, United States

Nathan Williams is the co-founder and executive director of Town Hall Project, an organization dedicated to empowering Americans to have high impact conversations with their elected leaders.

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Pushpa Aman Singh
Training to make Online Fundraising Superheroes!
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Pushpa Aman Singh is bringing together otherwise competing actors to train an NGO cohort on retail fundraising. Pushpa is a leader for GivingTuesday India and has been a matchmaker of donors and NGOs for nearly two decades.

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Raquel Barbosa Rogoschewski
Empresas do Bem/Companies for Good
São Paulo, Brazil

Raquel Barbosa Rogoschewski is implementing a pilot project for workplace giving to facilitate and scale new paths for donations and connect donors, social organizations, and enterprises.

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Rebel Sydney Black
As We Are: Disability Justice and Community Care
Portland, OR

Rebel Sidney Black founded The Portland Disability Justice Collective, which is sponsoring a conference on disability justice and community care (mutual aid) that will be translated into multiple languages.

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Rhea Muthane
Belgaum, Karnataka, India

Rhea Muthane is working to launch Makeflix, a creative clothing repair project that uses repair as a holistic approach to engaging with the environment, digital communities, and intergenerational knowledge.

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Roberto Soto-Acosta
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Roberto Soto-Acosta is developing a social media outreach effort geared to the Puerto Rican diáspora, to engage the Island’s people in local philanthropic efforts. He is a global leader who helped establish #GivingTuesdayPR.

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Rose Maruru
GivingTuesday Senegal
Dakar, Senegal

Rose Maruru is organizing a celebration of Senegalese generosity while testing the feasibility of growing local giving. Rose is the co-founder of EPIC-Africa, a Senegal–based nonprofit startup working to increase philanthropic impact.

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Sara Ismail
Friends Beyond Borders
Bucharest, Romania

Sara Ismail is organizing Friends Beyond Borders, a project meant to minimize the gap between typical and atypical children. Through a “mystery box challenge”, the project will promote generosity and inclusiveness through gift-exchanging.

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Sarah Cadorette
San Francisco Bay Area Mutual Aid
Oakland, CA, United States

Sarah Cadorette is organizing efforts to ensure that 10,000 or more Bay Area residents are given an easy, safe, and direct means of voting this fall. Sarah is a community organizer and educator, who is currently organizing with SF Bay Area Mutual Aid.

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Sarah Lyon
Ideas Incubator
Nova Scotia, Canada

Sarah Lyon is working to expand the Ideas Incubator, free private sessions for organizations to learn from professional fundraisers, and plans to focus outreach to BIPOC organizations. Sarah is the founder of Nova Scotia Gives More.

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Sepideh Nasiri
Women in MENA in Technology
San Francisco, CA, United States

Sepideh Nasiri is expanding resources for women technologists with expanded programming in the U. S., Canada, Sweden, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Qatar, Turkey, and Egypt.

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Silva Laukkanen
Tractus Art
Austin, TX, United States

Silva Laukkanen is working to create an innovative approach to generosity by sharing practical information in an artistic way through interactive video, collaborating with a variety of artists with disabilities.

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Su Han Moh Aung
BizInnovator Program
Yangon, Myanmar

Su Han Moh Aun is developing a peer resource center where people can learn and inspire each other by empowering youth with design thinking training.

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Thais Beldi
Companies for Good
São Paulo, São Paulo

Thais Beldi is implementing a pilot project for workplace giving to facilitate and scale new paths for donations and connect donors, social organizations, and enterprises. Thais is currently the director of innovation at Facens University Center.

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Tonya J Lynch
The Black Light Project
Greenville, NC, United States

Tonya Lynch is developing a multimedia public arts campaign in communities that rarely have positive moving media, focusing on images to address issues within the community and direct residents to their resources.

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Vincent Law
Hong Kong, China

Vincent Law is creating the Philanthrokids Giving Tuesday Ambassador Award to recognize children age 3 to 16 in kindergarten, primary and secondary schools for their participation in giving.

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Weerawat Mongkolchoste
Bangkok, Thailand

Weerawat Mongkolchoste is working to grow a camp experience designed to empower youth in Thailand to learn more about social issues, social innovation, and social entrepreneurship.

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Yasmyn Butcher
The Pay It Forward Project
Castries, Saint Lucia

Yasmyn Butcher is developing the “Fitness Premiere League” campaign to engage businesses across the Caribbean to participate in a regional fitness challenge, helping them get fit while raising funds for causes.

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Alicia Rivera Duran
Alacena Feminista Mayagüez
Isabela, Puerto Rico

Alicia is promoting solidarity between community members with the purpose of eradicating food insecurity in the urban area of ​​Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, and its border areas.

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Aline Telles Coelho
Agbara Fund
Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Aline is the creator and founder of the Agbara Fund, 1st philanthropic fund for black women in Brazil.

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Amie Peacock
Beyond the Conversation
Vancouver, Canada

Amie is building friendship and community to end loneliness and social isolation.

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Anya Nedungadi
Bridging the Gap
London, United Kingdom

16-year-old Anya is working to bridge the privilege gap in her community by targeting the disparity between the quality of teaching in private schools and the quality of teaching in state schools.

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Ashley Nevison
Sargeant's Army
Phoenix, Arizona

14-year-old Ashley is organizing packing parties for hope bags with supplies for those who are experiencing homelessness and is helping other youths get involved in their communities.

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Bernard Gabriel Kivuma
Mental Health for Key Populations
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Bernard is working to make mental health and wellness services easily available for vulnerable groups in Tanzania.

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Carlos Akhdar
Paths: Perspectives on Quilombola Communities
Juiz de Fora, Brazil

Carlos is building connections amongst 5 slave descendant communities in Brazil.

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Collin Sserunjogi
Christmas at Cajon
Matugga, Uganda

Collin is inspiring giving through music with a live music festival that is performed in different parts of Uganda.

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Dameyonna Willis
Queen IAM
Cleveland, Ohio

Dameyonna is empowering young women and girls through events and curriculum focused on self-love, self-respect, and self-understanding.

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Davi Cabeça
Bauru, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Davi is uniting transgender people and health employees to initiate the process of organizing our needs.

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Diana Cano
Circulo de Dar en GivingTuesday Colombia
Bogota, Colombia

Diana is creating and promoting giving circles as a means to engage the community and increase generosity in Colombia,

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Elizabeth (Marley) Semende
Fund a Minority
Harare, Zimbabwe

Elizabeth is launching Fund a Minority, an innovative approach that connects potential donors with marginalized entrepreneurs.

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Ellie Tsuchiya
National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF)
Atlanta, Georgia

Ellie is setting up a local economic justice campaign in Georgia, using the arts to humanize, amplify, and rally people together.

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Gabriela Santiago
Box of Change
Contagem-Minas Gerais, Brazil

Gabriela is working to reforest areas affected by fire in Brazil and educate Brazilians on sustainability and conservation.

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Georgina Orellana
San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina

Georgina is creating spaces with young people from different social realities to learn skills to listen, to look at themselves and others, from a place of empathy.

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Hafsa Ahmed
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Hafsa co-founded Peer-Minded, a youth-led mental health organization in the UAE empowering and equipping students to take charge of their wellbeing.

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Imane Lakbachi
Concealed Narratives
Cassablanca, Morocco

Imane Lakbachi is a 22-year-old gender equality advocate from Casablanca, Morocco.

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Javier Ortiz Cortés
El Mundo de los Muñecos: Puppet World Inc.
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Javier is leading theater plays with puppets and workshops that highlight the importance of generosity and decent work.

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Jessica Manfre
Inspire Up Foundation / GivingTuesdayMilitary
O'Fallon, Illinois

Jessica is launching a project to create in-school pantries and laundry rooms in Title 1 schools across the United States.

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Jinyi Duan
The Flavor Continues
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Jinyi Duan is the Executive Director of The Flavor Continues, a nonprofit who serves the street and club dance communities, advocating for the continued authentic culture of these various dance forms.

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Josilene Brandão da Costa
Coletivo Dan Eji
São Luís do Maranhão, Brazil

Joseline is working to combat religious and institutional racism that affects traditional peoples, with an emphasis on peripheral black and Afro-religious women.

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Kersha Taitano
Dededo, Guam

Kersha aims to connect Guam's youth with opportunities for continued education and career exploration.

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Mihai Stescu
Faces of Autism
Bucharest, Romania

Mihai is working to raise awareness of autism through photography and storytelling.

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Magdalena Concha Correa
Fundación Sonrisas
Santiago, Chile

Magdalena is reaching out to the most vulnerable communities in Chile without access to oral health with the idea of Social Dentistry.

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Nicole McDonald
Mini Putt Projects
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Nicole is a creative connector in Philadelphia and is working to provide emerging artists more opportunities and stability while connecting communities with art and outreach.

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Phil McGrath
LMC The Cornerstone
Lancaster UK

Phil is working to connect communities by encouraging neighborhood outreach and skill sharing, with a focus on addressing loneliness and isolation in the elderly population.

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Maria Nemy Lou Rocio
Migrant Writers of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Maria is creating writing communities to connect and support other migrant workers in Hong Kong.

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Nguyen Tran Thuy Tien
Psycho-Education and Applied Research Center for the Deaf (PARD)
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nguyen Tran Thuy Tien is launching a Deaf Empowerment project to empower deaf leaders by building confidence and skills in leadership and policy influencing.

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Sherry Soon
Be Kind SG

Sherry is creating micro-employment opportunities for youths with special needs to engage and empower them.

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Vinod Kumar Pandey
Mijwan Welfare Society
Uttar Pradesh, India

Vinod is leading efforts to establish cafes for migrants to receive help with employment, health programs, and information exchange.

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Shougat Nazbin Khan
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Shougat is using video storytelling to dismantle extremism and encourage generosity, empathy, equity, and social justice among people for more peaceful communities.

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Sharifah Khadijah Syed Razif
Doctors on Ground
Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Khadijah works to challenge medical discrimination toward refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers in Malaysia.

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