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Montreal, Canada

Emily Churchill-Smith

Emily Churchill-Smith is a research designer, facilitator and writer based in Canada. Striving to build the bridge that seamlessly marries research and practice, Emily uses participatory action research and ethnography in her design practice. She is passionate about storytelling practices, and how the stories we carry and share strengthen community and connection.

“Generosity is to give wholly and intentionally so that it fuels rather than depletes. ”

- Emily Churchill-Smith, Montreal, Canada


  • Project Type: Storytelling
  • Issue Area: Community building
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Makeflix is a creative repair project that enables people to reconnect with their waste and build an awareness about consumption behaviors, the environment and wellbeing. Our approach combines ‘Creativity’ with ‘Environmentalism’ and is focused on the element of play and entertainment.

The project is a collaborative community that is formed by a group of inter-disciplinary members from across the globe. Makeflix aims to make repair an aspiration and encourages more people from different walks of life to repair/transform and to be more mindful of their consumption. The project uses ‘a playful approach to trash’ to nudge participants of the community to think and take action on larger issues.

The community is an open sourced model and is working with partners on other projects around education for public education (i.e. building educational kits for kids using waste) and repair design for livelihood etc.

This is done through workshops, collaborative and consulting projects.