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Montevideo, Uruguay

Julieta Meléndez

Julieta Meléndez is the co-Leader in GivingTuesday Uruguay, an Impact & Development Consultant, PM4R Manager, new mom and immigrant. She plans to co-produce five urban interventions through dance for exposure and awareness about GivingTuesday Uruguay and social causes.

“Generosity is saying thanks with actions.”

- Julieta Meléndez, Montevideo, Uruguay

Activá tu generosidad

  • Project Type: Social influencing
  • Issue Area: Capacity Building
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This year, under the umbrella of the Uruguayan campaign for #GivingTuesday2020, Montevideo will transform itself completely to welcome a wave of donations of food, clothing, used items, money, volunteering and much more! The project will collect them through 11 days of urban interventions in strategic and high-trafficked spots of the city, starting on the 24th of November until the 5th of December. Each spot will count on “still” dancers, who will only be “activated” to perform a choreography when people donate to support the day’s cause.

During the first 5 days, 5 NGOs were selected and “sponsored” by Starling Collective’s funds to afford the operational cost of the initiatives.  These NGOs were selected after identifying each of them as strong regional advocates of 5 of the most pressing/ emerging social issues in the country: migration, equity, gender, LGBT awareness, inclusion, youth leadership and COVID-19 victims.

Why? To celebrate generosity while avoiding using pity to trigger good deeds. This work aims to build a new festive atmosphere and mindset towards philanthropy. 100 percent of the resources collected were donated to the social sector.