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The Starling Collective Fellowship

GivingTuesday's Starling Collective is a global learning community and innovative fellowship for grassroots organizers, activists, artists, and changemakers to discover and share best practices for increasing generosity and driving systems change. Applications open July 19, 2022.


Meet the grassroots leaders driving change in their communities

Starling Collective Fellows include 109 grassroots organizers, activists, artists, and changemakers representing 29 countries, speaking 33 languages, and ranging in age from 11 to 71–all creating extraordinary impact.

Meet the Starlings

Leaders Learning Together

The Starling Collective is a global fellowship designed to upskill grassroots leaders through community building, movement learning, peer support, and connection to GivingTuesday’s global network of movement leaders. 


Growing Together, Driving Change


The knowledge and needs of each cohort are the heart of the experience, which is designed to encourage feedback and sharing.


Together we build a culture of generosity, love and support within the Collective to uplift and empower one another.


The cohort helps recognize every individual’s innate leadership and offers learning that builds their capacity.

“The Starling Collective allowed us to learn from different people across the world tackling different challenges in their communities. We are now planning to share our lessons with other young leaders in the Kijani World team.”

- Lesein Mutunkei, Trees for Goals | Kenya

“The Starling Collective is helping me see that the world can be more generous, and we are learning effective processes for shaping a real movement.”

- Débora Verdan, Open School of the Third Sector | Brazil

“[The experience with] Starling and GivingTuesday is breaking down the constructs of what I thought was possible for myself. It has me thinking so much bigger.”

- Emily Churchill-Smith, Makeflix | Canada

“This was a life-changing experience that helped me step into my power as a community leader and someone with skills to share. I so appreciate the opportunity to be part of the Starling Collective and will always remember my time here.”

- Rebel Sidney Black, Portland Disability Justice Collective | United States

“Starling helped me talk through respectful and thoughtful ways of approaching things such as outreach, attaining community feedback, and what it meant to take a more grassroots and inclusive approach to things.”

- Lyz Luke, Living Jazz | United States
14 to 57
spanning generations