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Belgaum, Karnataka, India

Rhea Muthane

Rhea is a Textile Designer, Researcher and Artist based out of India. Traditional craft systems, Sustainability and Culture are key areas of her interest. In the past she has worked in the fashion industry with a focus on Sustainable Cultures, Designing behaviour change systems for public health and research design for craft ecosystems among other projects.

“Generosity is always looking for the good in other people.”

- Rhea Muthane, Belgaum, Karnataka, India


  • Project Type: Storytelling
  • Issue Area: Community building
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Makeflix is a creative repair project that enables people to reconnect with their waste and build an awareness about consumption behaviours, the environment and wellbeing.

The project is a collaborative community that is formed by a group of international members from diverse disciplines. Makeflix aims to make repair an aspiration and encourages more people from different walks of life to keep items in their life for longer and to be more mindful of their consumption. We use ‘a playful approach to trash’ to nudge participants of the community to think and take action on larger issues.

“Makeflix enables people to creatively connect with themselves, their surrounding, their community and the environment through waste, repurposing and repair.”