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California, United States

Junueth Mejia

Junueth is responsible for the strategy and operation of the HIPGive crowdfunding platform, focusing solely on leveraging the work of nonprofits working with the Latino community across the Americas, as well as the development of HIPGives’ fundraising and platform model. She also oversees partnership development to offer new philanthropic technology solutions for nonprofits, with the goal of growing the platform into the biggest digital community for champions of Latino social good. In previous roles at World Vision and Habitat for Humanity, Junueth developed a knack for corporate fundraising both nationally and internationally. She also has experience with major donor strategies and executing grantmaking.

“Generosity is the act of giving and sharing what you have and part of who you are.”

- Junueth Mejia, California, United States

Helping Latino Youth Influencers Empower Nonprofits

  • Project Type: Peer learning
  • Issue Area: Capacity Building
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This work focuses on developing a new training model that will empower more young Latino micro-influencers to become ambassadors to inspire generosity for their chosen cause on #GivingTuesday under the #LatinxGive campaign which, since 6 years ago, has been working with Latino nonprofits and now believe that by incorporating the principles of the SPARK program, can increase the impact and reach of #LatinxGive even further.

The project is one part communications campaign, one part research study. Working across Latino communities in the U.S. and Mexico the organization will select 9 nonprofits providing special training and peer-to-peer support on how to invite and collaborate with young micro-influencers as “ambassadors”.

In order to better understand the impact of working together, the program gathers detailed feedback throughout. At the end of the project, the results and skills development will be compared to a control group of organizations that complete the usual HIPGive training and have participated in previous campaigns.

This is relevant because:

  • Young people have untapped potential to give generously by advocating for their community and sharing the campaign to inspire others to give.
    Organizations have an interest in crowdfunding to attract younger generations of donor
  • Online giving is key as the effects of COVID-19 reduce in-person giving experiences