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Danbury, CT, United States

Chelsea Phaire

11-year-old Chelsea Phaire is excited to provide art kits to more children and create satellite sites of Chelsea’s Charity. Chelsea, with the help of her family, has delivered over 7,000 art kits to those in need since 2019. Chelsea’s Charity is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that supplies art kits to those that need a little more art in their lives.

“Generosity is the will to go the extra mile to do whatever you can to help those in need; a selfless act of kindness. ”

- Chelsea Phaire, Danbury, CT, United States

Virtual Art Kit Packing Party

  • Project Type: Building giving habits
  • Issue Area: Children and Youth
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11-year-old Chelsea and her family are working with Girl Scout troops and all around the United States on a Virtual Art Kit Packing Party for different shelters, foster homes, and families in need to make 5,000 art kits through the donation of materials, money, and art supplies. Each troop identifies a shelter, foster care organization, hospital, school, or family in need to donate their art kits to once they’re finished packing so that more people can have access to art. Chelsea believes there is a healing power in art and wants to make it available to everyone.