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Millions of people come together to celebrate generosity, share kindness, and drive global wave of giving on GivingTuesday 2023

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Through grassroots giving and collective action, we can continue to show up for the causes we believe in and to build more just communities. Throughout the year, we have seen extraordinary grassroots efforts succeed to help frontline workers, reach out to disproportionately affected by the pandemic and economic crisis, coalesce support and activism for racial injustice and systemic inequity, mobilize civic participation and continue to drive giving and action for causes and communities worldwide.

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GivingTuesday Quick Facts

GivingTuesday is a growing global generosity movement that drives giving and collective action in communities around the world.

  • GivingTuesday was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. Over the past ten years, this idea has grown into a global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity year-round.
  • GivingTuesday inspires generosity worldwide through a distributed network of leaders. There are official GivingTuesday national movements in 80 countries, led by a global network of passionate, entrepreneurial leaders. At a grassroots level, people and organizations participate in GivingTuesday in every single country in the world.
  • GivingTuesday creates global impact driven by local action. In the U.S. alone, 300 community campaigns rally thousands of nonprofits, foundations, grassroots organizations, small businesses, and generous individuals to give back. Through #GivingTuesdaySpark, youth are leading change and inspiring action around the world.
  • GivingTuesday is driving a net increase in giving. The movement continues to grow in year-over-year donation volume, reach and impact – driving increased donations and behavior change. In 2022, an estimated $3.1 Billion were donated in twenty-four hours in the U.S. alone, a 15% increase over the prior year and a 25% increase since 2020. On November 29, 2022 37 million adults participated by offering gifts of time, voice, skills, goods, and money, as well as countless acts of kindness inspired by the movement.
  • GivingTuesday is a global hub for data, learning, and ultimately, innovation around generosity. The GivingTuesday Data Commons works with partners across sectors and borders to understand the drivers and impacts of generosity, explore giving behaviors and patterns, and use data to inspire more giving around the world. With over 300 contributing partners and 50 global data labs, the initiative is the largest philanthropic data collaboration ever built.
  • People are inspired to give on GivingTuesday. 84% of those aware report that GivingTuesday inspired them to be more giving. A 2019 Horizon Media study reported that 52% said that they want to donate on this day because it allows them to be a part of a bigger group of people doing good.
  • GivingTuesday inspires collective action and generosity all year round–and in times of crisis. $503M in online donations were contributed in the U.S. alone on May 5, 2020 during #GivingTuesdayNow a global day of giving and unity created as an emergency response to COVID-19.
  • People can show their generosity in a variety of ways during GivingTuesday. Whether it’s helping a neighbor, advocating for an issue, sharing a skill, or finding virtual volunteer opportunities with their favorite causes—everyone has something to give and every act of generosity counts.
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