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GivingTuesday is gathering creative strategies and tactics for using generosity to strengthen our social fabric. Explore snapshots of how individuals and communities across the globe are actively using generosity as an instrument for catalyzing positive change. Get inspiration for how you might grow giving in your community, forging a path toward a more compassionate and connected society. 

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community garden in an urban area
Hunger | Global 98

Start a Community Garden and Cultivate Generosity

Starting a community garden is not just about growing produce; it's an act of generosity that can make a significant impact on food insecurity in your neighborhood. These green spaces…

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two women working on a timebanking landscape project
Helping A Neighbor | Global 71

Time Banking: Building Stronger Communities, One Hour at a Time

Have you ever heard of time banking? It's a transformative concept that goes beyond traditional currency, connecting individuals through the exchange of time and skills to build stronger families and…

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Toys on a fire truck
Helping A Neighbor | Global 96

Collect Goods for Your Neighborhood

Collecting goods is a powerful and impactful expression of generosity as it provides tangible support to those in need while fostering a sense of togetherness and shared responsibility within the…

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Helping A Neighbor | North America 20

Caremongering: Fostering Compassion in Your Community

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the heartwarming caremongering movement emerged in Canada. It united community members and fostered compassion during challenging times. Originating in a Toronto Facebook group,…

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GT tanzania team wearing GivingTuesday logo shirts cleaning up their beach
Climate Change | Global 21

Street-Sweeping Generosity: Clean Up Your Community

An act of generosity can be as easy as cleaning up the litter in your neighborhood. By picking up discarded waste and tidying up shared spaces, you're not just enhancing…

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Lesein and friends planting a tree as part of Trees for Goals
Climate Change | Africa 16

Plant a Tree

Take a step towards a greener, healthier planet by planting trees. It's an act of generosity that not only benefits the environment but also reflects a commitment to a sustainable…

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