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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Bernard Gabriel Kivuma

Bernard Kivuma is a Medical Doctor and Researcher with an interest in Sexual & Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDs, and tuberculosis. He has a particular focus on offering friendly services to Key and Vulnerable Populations. He also works as a Programmes Manager for Disability Repro-Light (NGO) an organization that promotes SRHR for persons with disabilities.

“Generosity means kindness, compassion, and resilience.”

- Bernard Gabriel Kivuma, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Mental Health for Key Populations

Mental Health for Key and Vulnerable Populations initiative will be a platform to make mental health and wellness services easily available and accessible for Key and Vulnerable Populations despite the current social distancing mandates. The initiative will create accessible mental health services for KVPs despite the current social distancing mandates. These platforms will offer free online consultations and wellness training using tools such as WhatsApp chats and Zoom calls. Another focus area of this initiative will aim at using m-health for the provision of psychological first aid to individuals who have fallen victims to psychological abuse, homophobic or transphobic attacks through a telephone hotline with aims to improve stress management and offer linkages to more support services. The final aim of the initiative will involve the creation of KVP online community groups that will foster a sense of belonging and generosity with the aim of leaving no one behind.