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Uttar Pradesh, India

Vinod Kumar Pandey

Vinod is the CEO of Mijwan Welfare Society – a grassroots organization working in the most deprived regions of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. One of the primary objectives of the organization is to create and sustain local livelihood opportunities. Vinod has 12+ years of development sector experience with organizations like Oxfam India, Caritas India, Charities Aid Foundation. He has engaged in solving implementation issues of development programs through different innovative models like Rozgar Dhaba (a community information hub).

“Generosity is making someone happy.”

- Vinod Kumar Pandey, Uttar Pradesh, India

Mijwan Welfare Society

Vinod mainly works on the issue of migrants through an interesting model of Rozgar Dhaba (community information hub) is an attempt to solve the information gap which leads to a situation of unemployment especially in villages, which further leads to unsafe migration. Rozgar Dhaba is a village information exchange center to provide information on local jobs, government schemes, health schemes, and options for livelihood and minimize unsafe migration and unemployment. It collects information from local employers for local jobs and also collects information about job seekers, who are looking for jobs and displays the gathered information. It connects migrant workers/farmers/village communities to the opportunities available for livelihood. It also assists the community in availing different documents like ration card, bank account.