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Kyiv, Ukraine

Liubov Rainchuk

Liubov is a GivingTuesday Ukraine co-leader and the head of the Culture of Giving department at the Zagoriy Foundation. She is passionate about making giving and kindness an everyday habit. Liubov believes that data-driven decisions plus creativity could provide a great impact and social change. She is organizing a flashmob with influencers, the charity sector, and business partners to share their good deeds and experiences.

“Generosity is a way of a lifestyle when you enjoy giving back and sharing but don't expect anything in return. ”

- Liubov Rainchuk, Kyiv, Ukraine


  • Project Type: Social influencing
  • Issue Area: Capacity Building
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This is project works with nationwide media to encourage influencers to share their charitable experiences to inspire others to donate and share their own stories. The campaign also highlights charitable stories from NGO workers and stories of women, who work in the third sector to get more women involved to share their impact in philanthropy.

Outdoor advertising (including public transport and metro) encouraging people to share their good deeds will be located in 20 Ukrainian cities and towns to get more stories via social media.