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Santiago, Chile

Juan Pablo Hernández

Juan Pablo is an entrepreneur focused on accelerating eco-social projects around the world. He is dedicated to conducting empirical research on inclusion issues. He enjoys music and simple things.

“Generosity is to be empathic with everyone, no matter gender, race, country, profession, etc.”

- Juan Pablo Hernández, Santiago, Chile

4 Vientos

  • Project Type: Infrastructure
  • Issue Area: Human and Civil Rights
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This project helps vulnerable migrant communities in Chile on 3 levels, first with humanitarian aid to be able to face the social and health crisis, second with better access to information and counseling for all and specifically to the Haitian community (since they do not speak Spanish) and third through training to provide better possibilities to enter the labor market. This project seeks to contribute to 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals; End of poverty, Decent Work and Economic Growth and Reduction of Inequalities.