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Sofia, Bulgaria

Danislava Delcheva

Danislava is a founder of Reflektor, a cultural manager and social entrepreneur with a strong background in mass media and public relations. Her focus is on stimulating social change through the means of art, culture, journalism and science.

“Generosity is power.”

- Danislava Delcheva, Sofia, Bulgaria

What's The Problem?

What’s The Problem? Reflects on the top 10 social issues in Bulgaria and presents personal stories with a visual storytelling and documentary approach. The project aims to promote the perspectives of both NGOs and disadvantaged communities on the problems and potential solutions regarding poverty, social exclusion, youth, women, racism, LGBTQ+, refugees, environmental pollution, human rights, mental health, and more.

What’s The Problem? is addressing the public need for more transparent activities in the NGO sector and easily accessible information on how one can support a social cause. As a nation, Bulgaria struggles with articulating the problems of its people and lacks adequate public discussions on social issues. The project will create a book and online platform with all stories including, information about NGOs working on the presented themes as well as a street art campaign to raise awareness about it. What’s The Problem? is focused on inspiring young people to be socially engaged and motivating mor ecitizens to become active participants in improving the lives of local communities.