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Bangkok, Thailand

Weerawat Mongkolchoste

Weerawat is an alumni from a social innovation program who participated in VIA and is now planning to help Thai University students and graduates understand social issues in Thailand in order to initiate a social changemaker community.

“Generosity is to think, to feel and to do something beyond just for your need but for everyone else who is suffering. ”

- Weerawat Mongkolchoste, Bangkok, Thailand


  • Project Type: Peer learning
  • Issue Area: Children and Youth

Nexplore is a Thai social innovation program founded by an alumni who participated in VIA planning that encouraged Thai university students and graduates to fully understand the nation’s social issues so they could initiate a social changemaker community.

They are a social changemaker community platform for university students, graduates and first time workers who would like to start to do something good for the society, they are starting in Thailand and plan to raise more awareness in the South East Asia region.