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Greenville, NC, United States

Tonya J Lynch

Tonya is the founder of The Black Light Project, a project that uses the power of imagery and media to change the narrative of Black people since 2016. Communication and activism are her passions, she uses this bring focus to the needs of others and change the trajectory of the communities she works in. She is a wife and mother of 8 from Farmville, North Carolina.

“Generosity is being aware and willing to attend to the needs of people around us, without any expectation of reciprocity. ”

- Tonya J Lynch, Greenville, NC, United States

The Black Light Project

  • Project Type: Storytelling
  • Issue Area: Community building
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The Black Light Project believes that the sharing of narratives is activism. It is in the stories of each individual that we gain a deeper understanding of the human condition and begin to analyze, question, and shift our perspectives on the fellow man and their life experience.

Specifically, The Black Light Project focuses on those narratives of the oppressed and disenfranchised; those who are systematically deprived of proper representation and whose lives are often depicted in negative stereotypes and in stories told by others. The project uses the art of photography and video to share stories of Black men in their communities who are the rule and not the exception.