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Los Teques, Venezuela

Joanna Peñalver

Joanna is a Global Leader of GivingTuesday Venezuela. She is a social leader, directing the Venezuelan Organization of Autism and the organization Solidaridad Activa that works with the Venezuelan Diaspora. She also does activism with Amnesty International and works in the political field. Her inspiration is the deep love for her country.

“Generosity is giving from the heart no matter what you have.”

- Joanna Peñalver, Los Teques, Venezuela

Cuidemos a nuestros héroes de la salud

  • Project Type: Mutual aid network
  • Issue Area: Healthcare

This project deliveres Biosafety material to health workers in the state of Miranda and Anzoátegui, they also sanitized a health center and carried out a campaign on the street giving people masks and spreading the message of the importance of prevention to also protect health workers.