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Yangon, Myanmar

Su Han Moh Aung

Su Han is passionate about working in community development and her dream is to get quality access and critical education to everyone in Myanmar. She believes that getting quality and critical education can create her country’s future and what they want to see and achieve.

“Generosity is kindness and giving something without expectation.”

- Su Han Moh Aung, Yangon, Myanmar

BizInnovator Program

  • Project Type: Educational
  • Issue Area: Children and Youth

BizInnovator Program is designed to deliver training for youths in order to shape their life and community by exploring the Design Thinking process.

Their targeted participants are youths between 18 and 35 years old, from different ethnic groups and religions across the Myanmar, who are really passionate about the social issues which they face. Furthermore, they will be offered mentorship in the program and also provided the opportunity to build strong networks among fellow youths across the nation’s diverse groups. The program strives to provide a space in which youths can inspire and learn from each other.

The BizInnovator Program will introduce to them the principle of “Being curious + Taking risks + Falling in love with experiments = Ways to create a better career and community successfully”. By the end of the program, there will be a competition between cohorts to gauge the outcomes of the program.