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Bring Radical Generosity to Your Community

What is a GivingTuesday Community?

A GivingTuesday Community is formed when people from a common geography, cause, or identity come together to make a difference in the lives of others in their communities. They find creative ways to mobilize networks, host volunteer events, rally awareness for causes, and raise funds for their local nonprofits –  sparking waves of kindness and inspiring change.

GivingTuesday Community leaders engage stakeholders and partners across sectors to inspire their entire community to use their power of radical generosity to build the world we all want to live in.

Who Can Lead a GivingTuesday Community

We believe that local challenges are best solved by local leaders on the ground. Anyone can become a GivingTuesday Community leader, so long as you are passionate about seeing positive change in your community, and are equipped and willing to engage stakeholders across sectors (business, nonprofits, civil society, etc.) to partner with you in creating that change.

As a GivingTuesday leader, you will inspire your community – whether that’s your neighborhood, town, city, suburb, nation, or even your garden club – to use their power of radical generosity to create a world built with compassion, equity, justice, and generosity.

Benefits of Leading a GivingTuesday Community

  • Network building: The opportunity to collaborate with a network of like-minded leaders to discuss challenges and opportunities
  • Movement-building coaching: We’ll share the global learning from the last decade that has made GivingTuesday one of the fastest-growing social movements
  • Tools and resources for you to share with your network + partners
  • Facilitate peer learning: Workshops & webinars for your community members to learn from our movement builders 
  • Marketing collateral: Content for your newsletter, blog, and social media channels
  • First access to GivingTuesday’s Data Commons research
  • Exclusive invitation to GivingTuesday’s summits + conferences
  • Lead, inspire, change: The opportunity to lead a movement that’s transforming society through radical generosity

What Does a GivingTuesday Community Leader Do?

Creating and leading a GivingTuesday Community movement is rewarding and fun. Below are the six basic planning steps to bringing GivingTuesday to your community.

    1. Plan:Develop your vision, goals and strategy for growing generosity in your community
    2. Announce: Reach out to your network to help you spread the word about your local GivingTuesday movement and ways to get involved
    3. Recruit participants: Rally your friends and colleagues, reach out to your college/school alumni network, local businesses, nonprofits, and retail stores
    4. Spread the word: Use a variety of tactics from social media, targeted outreach, ad buys, traditional media, and partnerships to build awareness
    5. Organize events: Organize ways for your community to show their generosity and give back to the community. Get ideas below. 
    6. Learn: Track outcomes, and analyze the results, and learn from other leaders about what works in driving more generosity.

Our team is here to support you along the way to help you plan your movement and to connect you with other GivingTuesday leaders. 

Stories from GivingTuesday Communities

Around the world, in big cities and small towns, and through coalitions built across cultures or common interests, GivingTuesday has brought together individuals with collective hopes for their communities to drive positive change. Learn more about how this movement is empowering leaders to use generosity to build a more just + equitable world, one community at a time.

Dia De Doar Itu
Itu, Brazil

Community leaders in Itu organized a Generosity Fair with music, crafts, food, and dancing. Attendees got to learn about and connect with 25 nonprofits.

Learn more
UnDiaParaDarAR San Luis
Villa Mercedes, Argentina

Residents of Villa Mercedes have been celebrating GivingTuesday together since 2019. They've organized community dinners and canned food drives, and even encouraged residents to cut their hair for charity.

Learn more
St. Marys Gives
St. Marys, Canada

For GivingTuesday 2022, St Marys residents collected and painted antique chairs for a CHAIRity auction! Proceeds will support community dinners to be held throughout the year.

Learn More

RefugeesGive unlocks dignity, opportunity, and equity for refugees by amplifying refugee voices, and supporting local refugee-serving and refugee-led organizations.

LaunchGood on GivingTuesday

Launchgood rallies the Muslim community to give back. In 2022, 18,864 supporters⁠ from 90 countries gave $1M USD in the 24 hours of GivingTuesday to support Muslim causes and nonprofits.

Learn more
Georgia, United States

GAGives rallies businesses, schools, corporations, and residents to rally to support hundreds of nonprofits across the state on GivingTuesday. In 2022, they raised $29M USD; many donors were new to giving!

Ready to Lead Your Local Movement?

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your vision for using radical generosity to create change in your community!

“For me this is not just a project. It's a fundamental transformation of how we can make our voices heard and how decisions are made in a community.”

“Being a part of GivingTuesday’s global leader network gives me energy for my own work. The diversity and breadth of leaders offers a spiritual push.

- Becky Nickel, Peabody, Kansas

“Together, we were able to do something much better than what we could have done on our own.”

- Susan Smith, Dallas, Texas

“GivingTuesday's inspiration to collaborate encouraged us to partner with other nonprofits on a citywide effort to boost philanthropy”

- Michelle Ruess, Trenton, New Jersey