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Welcome to the new GivingTuesday Resource Exchange: a global, collaborative, comprehensive, and continuously updated library of resources on generosity and philanthropy. With new additions every month, it offers a portal of entry into special resource collections from the foremost organizations across the philanthropic sector. It also offers key access to collaborative work, research, insights, and assets produced by the GivingTuesday Data Commons and its network. Make sure to bookmark the GivingTuesday Resource Exchange and visit every month for new additions!

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Resources from the West Africa Civil Society Institute

The West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) is a knowledge sharing hub dedicated to enhancing the capacity of civil society organizations in West Africa. Take a look at resources curated from their collection, and click here to learn more about their work.

African Giving Traditions

Take a look at a new collection of articles on traditions of generosity in Africa, part of a collaborative pilot project between
the National Philanthropic Trust, Trust Africa, and GivingTuesday.

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