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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Byron Barbieri

Byron Barbieri is working to create vegetable gardens in dining rooms and community centers in Buenos Aires. Byron is 16 years old and is a kids ambassador for Un Dia para Dar and enjoys drawing, comics and animals. He is also an actor, having worked in feature films, TV series, advertisements, and several Argentine short films.

“Generosity is thinking of the other person and providing everything in my power to help him.”

- Byron Barbieri, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Huerteros B&A

  • Project Type: Food security
  • Issue Area: Hunger

Byron, at 16 years old, has a mission: to educate people with fewer resources, so that they can grow their own food and be able to increase their intake of organic quality vegetables. With the support of his mother, he has developed sustainable gardening trees, which are used to provide workshops developed together with nursing homes, community and educational centers where nutritional improvement is really an emerging need. His project proposes a long-term solution, so that those most in need learn to be self-sufficient with resources that nature itself offers them.