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Oakland, CA, United States

Sarah Cadorette

Sarah Cardorette is a community organizer and educator, she is currently organizing with the San Francisco Bay Area Mutual Aid to ensure that their neighbors are supporting each other throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond. In her spare time, she writes nonfiction essays about race, gender, culture, religion and mental illness.

“Generosity is not selflessness, as in the negation of the self, but the understanding that my self is wholly dependent on your survival, too (our liberation is bound up together)!”

- Sarah Cadorette, Oakland, CA, United States

San Francisco Bay Area Mutual Aid

  • Project Type: Peer learning
  • Issue Area: Community building

SF Bay Area Mutual Aid has used their time in the Starling Collective to work towards 3 goals: 1.) Helping to ensure everyone has access to voting by putting up info in communities at their nearest polling location, and offering rides to those without their own transportation; 2.) Reimbursing volunteers for the purchase and delivery of necessary items, such as groceries, toiletries, medicine, cleaning supplies, etc. to folks who have reached out for support, and; 3.) Increasing participation in the SF Bay Area Mutual Aid by increasing visibility and running engagement events, such as a ballot party.