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Giving Stories

Get inspired by these stories of how people around the world are using GivingTuesday to empower their local communities to act with radical generosity.

27 Sep 2023

GivingTuesday Announces Two New Board Members, Alexander A. Nehme and Rose Maruru

GivingTuesday announces the addition of two new members to its Board of Directors, Alexander A. Nehme and Rose Maruru. “It is remarkable how a simple premise has grown to become…

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4 smiling people holding casseroles
19 Sep 2023

10 Joyful GivingTuesday Campaigns

At GivingTuesday, we've always known that generosity is a source of boundless joy. The act of giving, driven by empathy and compassion, brings immense happiness to the giver, the recipient,…

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a group photo of the Sarlnig India Collective Cohort
18 Sep 2023

Building Belonging: Creating Community Among India’s Inspiring Changemakers

By Mihika Chanchani, GivingTuesday India Hub Walking into the lunch tent at Zorba the Buddha on the 17th of August, I was feeling a mix of uncertainty and excitement. It…

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Two people sweeping up a street
30 Aug 2023

10 Creative Ways to Grow Generosity In Your Community for GivingTuesday

In today's world, where self-interest often takes precedence, the essence of generosity can be the glue that binds communities, healing divisions and forging a path toward the radically generous society…

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