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São Paulo, Brazil

Débora Verdan

Debora is a journalist, specializing in communications and marketing, cultural management and distance education. She is also the Content Coordinator at Escola Aberta do Terceiro Setor.

“Generosity is being able to put yourself in the other's shoes and do the possible, and sometimes the impossible, to help you in some way. ”

- Débora Verdan, São Paulo, Brazil

Documentário sobre a cultura de doação no Brasil

  • Project Type: Storytelling
  • Issue Area: Capacity Building
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The campaign aims promote a more generous society by producing a documentary on the culture of giving in Brazil.

The campaign believes that the content produced will reach various audiences and diverse communities, as it is on an accessible online platform that offers free training content for the third sector.

After a period of publication (60 days), an online survey, taking both qualitative and quantitative data, will be made using those viewers who watched the video to learn the practical results they had from the visibility of the documentary.

The Open School of the Third Sector is an online platform that offers, free of charge, training courses for professionals linked to the social sector across the country.