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Cape Town, South Africa

Christelle Dreyer

Christelle Dreyer collaborates with a variety of artists with disabilities to share information in an artistic way. Christelle Dreyer was born and raised in Cape Town with a disability named Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), meaning her bones are brittle. As a result, she is short in stature. She believes this physically and mentally gives her a different perspective on the way she views the world around her. Strengthening her unique perspective is that she is a visual communicator, both in dance and graphic design. This influences the way she shares information for the awareness of disability inclusion.

“Generosity is giving and sharing open-heartedly with expectations of receiving anything in return. ”

- Christelle Dreyer, Cape Town, South Africa

Tractus Art

  • Project Type: Storytelling
  • Issue Area: Disability
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How can we assist a wheelchair user crossing a street so that the individual will feel safe and in control? How can we support deaf or a blind people in public spaces? What does access mean and how can we all do our part to make sure our environments are more accessible to all? Christelle is planning on pulling back the curtain to share answers to these questions by creating an interactive video for young people and their teachers. The video will discuss terminology and dismantle old fashioned perceptions about people with disabilities.