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São Paulo, São Paulo

Thais Beldi

Thais graduated with a degree in business administration, she is currently the director of innovation at Facens University Center, is a member of the Global Philanthropists Circle of the Synergos Institute and of the Giving Tuesday Council in Brazil (Dia de Doar). She is the president of the Alexandre e Heloisa Beldi Institute, which promotes Doa Sorocaba, a campaign that is part of a global movement that encourages the culture of giving and also co-founded Drops of Action, a page on Instagram and Facebook that connects people to socio-environmental initiatives who need support.

“Generosity starts with self awareness, allowing us to be grateful for what we have and to realize we have so much to give others. Generosity is awakening for the abundance existing in the world that should be shared.”

- Thais Beldi, São Paulo, São Paulo

Companies for Good

  • Project Type: Educational
  • Issue Area: Children and Youth

The project aims to develop a workplace giving platform for companies to promote donations beyond their employees throughout the year and make them aware of the social organizations that are part of Doa Sorocaba campaign.

Considering that the project does not have the expertise nor the human resources to develop a giving platform, they decided to partner with two other organizations to support them with the technological aspects.

“Abrace uma Causa” will support in the development of the platform, the campaigns they will promote through the year and also the giving controls, which includes recurring donation and individual’s tax destination. “Gooders” will support the issuing of digital discount vouchers for donors, which can be exchanged for discounts in retail stores they are already partnered with.

The main idea behind partnering with “Abrace uma causa” and “Gooders” is because they can provide a scalable solution, so that other community campaigns and companies can implement it.