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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jeremías Batto

Jeremías is an ambassador for the Giving Day Next campaign and #UnDiaParaDarAR. He is an actor, and works on novels and films, he loves sports, cooking and helping those most in need.  Jeremias, or “Jere” as his friends call him, is 11 years old and from a very early age, he expressed to his mother the enormous empathy that he generated from being able to appreciate the different opportunities that each of the children on his Rugby team had. That was when, as the living conditions of many of his companions had worsened after the COVID-19 pandemic, Jere decided to do something for them together with the help of his mother. Together with the Starling Collective, he uses his networks to attract an audience of supportive people, and they collect food for all the club’s families who are experiencing the blow of unemployment and often hunger.

“Generosity is giving without expecting anything in return. It is knowing that you are doing a good deed to give them hope that things if we do them with the heart will always turn out well.”

- Jeremías Batto, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Manos Solidarias

  • Project Type: Mutual aid network
  • Issue Area: Poverty

This work organizes the assembly and distribution of kits that include hygiene items and basic food for families affected by COVID-19.