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Starling India Collective

A unique, collaborative initiative that brings together multiple organisations to aid select individuals from grassroots communities in furthering social causes they care most deeply about.
Launched in August 2023, the Starling India Collective, co-created by six nonprofit organisations, including GivingTuesday, Breakthrough Trust, Centre for Catalyzing Change, Haiyya, Milaan Foundation, and Pratham Education Foundation, stands out as a unique, one-of-a-kind collaboration in India. The six partner organisations co-own the program and have collaboratively designed a learning journey for the participating leaders. The Collective is conceptualised to facilitate a shift in the way the participants recognise themselves as leaders who have the ability to leverage existing networks and movement-building techniques in order to further positive change in their communities. The program’s inaugural cohort comprises 12 inspiring change-makers selected from partner-supported grassroots communities, representing diverse ages, linguistic backgrounds, and occupations, with a shared commitment to create positive social change.

The Starling India Collective Pilot is Complete!

Since this was a first-of-its-kind collaboratively designed fellowship in India, the Starling India Collective partners were keen to conduct a review of the program and the collaborative approach to inform future decisions. The two key objectives of the review are:

1. To understand the experiences and learnings of the program cohort.

2. To understand the experiences of the partners and what it means to work as a collaborative.

The report aims to explore how taking a collaborative approach is fostering co-ownership, equity and trust among the six partner organisations, as well as in the cohort. This report intends to mindfully explore how the Starling India Collective may have contributed towards achieving the desired fellowship outcomes and does not claim sole causality.
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The Story Behind the Starling India Collective Logo

The Starling India Collective logo consists of different shapes that come together to form a bird. This was inspired by the flight behaviour of starlings. Referred to as a murmuration, the pattern of flight for a flock of starlings is dynamic, transforming in shape and in direction; and different birds take the lead at different times, but with the same goal– much like how our Collective works! Now that’s what we call distributed leadership and collaboration in action! The Starling India Collective’s tagline, “Ek saath, ek udaan” loosely translates to “Together, we fly.” And do we? Yes, yes we do.

Meet the 2023 Starling India Collective Cohort

Meet the 12 changemakers who will join the inaugural Starling India Collective! These leaders are transforming their communities through innovative approaches that spread generosity and tackle the most pressing issues

Bihar, India

Anjum Aara, from Bihar, is working towards educating families, especially newly-weds, on the effective use of contraception and the importance of family planning.

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Uttar Pradesh, India

Archana, from Uttar Pradesh, is committed to spreading awareness about menstrual health and is also providing cloth pads to women in her community.

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Madhya Pradesh, India

Baali Jagat, from Madhya Pradesh, is an adivasi (tribal/indigenous person) and is helping young adivasis reconnect with their tribal roots and take pride in their language.

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Uttar Pradesh, India

Divya Jaiswal hails from Uttar Pradesh and is working towards eradicating violence towards women so that women in her community can pursue education and their dreams, without any fear.

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Mumtaz Begum, who is from Chhattisgarh, is aiming to increase the earning potential of women in her village and hopes to bring them closer to a steady income.

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Delhi, India

Nargis is from Delhi and is working to help the youth in her community achieve their educational and vocational dreams through art.

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Haryana, India

Neelam is committed to encouraging women to stay in school and college by removing external barriers to their education.

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Bihar, India

Roshni Perween hails from Bihar and is focused on preventing child marriage in some parts of her State.

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Uttar Pradesh, India

Saloni Sharma is from Uttar Pradesh, , and is passionate about promoting and encouraging gender equality in her village.

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Bihar, India

Sarita Devi, from Bihar, is working on a project that spreads awareness about anaemia in order to improve the health of women and young girls in her community.

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Uttar Pradesh, India

Swati Singh hopes to spread awareness around menstrual health and is passionate about training women to become leaders.

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Haryana, India

Varsha is from Haryana and is working towards making higher education accessible to women. She believes that this will help them pursue their dreams and gain respect.

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Growing Together, Driving Change


The Collective helps participants shift how they see themselves as leaders and people of influence who can have a positive change in their communities.


The Collective creates a space for deep reflection, learning and sharing among participants.


The Collective works towards building a culture of generosity, love and support, with community leaders being encouraged to uplift and empower one another.


Starling India Collective is co-created by six nonprofit organisations.