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A Distributed Leadership Network

GivingTuesday is a movement made up of grassroots leaders who raise their hands to bring the values of GivingTuesday to communities around the world. It’s through sharing tools, providing ideas, promoting collaboration, and encouraging creativity amongst these distributed leaders that we’ve been able to build this global generosity movement.

Leaders come from a variety of sectors. Some work at philanthropic associations. Others are business leaders or young people. All are united by a shared purpose: to do good.

Unleashing Generosity Locally and Within Communities

These leaders take the GivingTuesday vision and adapt and build GivingTuesdays for their communities. Examples include:

  • Country movements like #DiaDeDoar and #GivingTuesdayCanada
  • City, neighborhood, or geographic campaigns like #GivingTuesdayCharlotte in the United States
  • Cause coalitions like #GivingZooDay
  • Identity-based coalitions like #GiveNative and #LatinxGive
  • …and in any other iteration imaginable

Collaborating Across Regions, Causes, + Sectors

Our leaders are constantly sharing ideas, supporting one another, and leveraging this peer community to develop new approaches and strategies to engage their handraisers. Despite their differences in languages, cultures, and backgrounds, they are deeply connected through the movement and united in their shared values.

Rallying Cross-Sector Stakeholders

GivingTuesday leaders rally a variety of stakeholders to help them build and grow their movements. These include nonprofits, community organizations, companies, volunteers, students, colleagues, or family members – anyone who understands the spirit of GivingTuesday and who’s passionate about creating a society that centers generosity. 

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“What we have learned from GivingTuesday is the resilience and the spirit of organizations and people who do not give up despite the circumstances. It has been really inspiring and has shown us how together we are stronger.”

- Junueth Mejia, Program Manager, HIPGive