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Pirassununga, São Paulo, Brazil

Aline Vick

Aline Vick aims to unite donors of food to the organizations and people in need throughout her community. She has a passion for social work and volunteering and she is working to increase the culture of giving in her city

“Generosity is recognizing you are fortunate enough to support someone with something you have and they lack.”

- Aline Vick, Pirassununga, São Paulo, Brazil

Rede de Alimentos (Food Network)

The program aims to minimize and ultimately eradicate food insecurity by connecting donors and NGOs with people who need food donations. Donors such as supermarkets, restaurants and bakeries are put in direct contact with people in need and provided with support from the project which helps to manage the donation exchange on a weekly or monthly basis. This work will establish a food bank for people in the community to connect with directly when they need food, thus empowering local NGOs to regularly receive and dispense donations and also allowing the program to better allocate its resources.