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Dakar, Senegal

Rose Maruru

Rose is the co-founder of EPIC-Africa, a Senegal–based nonprofit startup working to increase philanthropic impact by filing critical data and capacity gaps in the African philanthropic marketplace. She previously worked as a Partnership Advisor for Oxfam International, UK; Civil Society Engagement Consultant for the African Development Bank, Ivory Coast; Director of Operations at TrustAfrica, Senegal; Bids and Proposal Manager, Population Council, USA; Advisor, Coalition for Children’s Rights, Yemen; and Program Manager, Save the Children (Egypt, The Gambia, USA).

“Generosity is caring and being there for others, not just when it's convenient for me, but especially when it is not.”

- Rose Maruru, Dakar, Senegal

GivingTuesday Senegal

  • Project Type: Social influencing
  • Issue Area: Capacity Building

GivingTuesday is launching in Senegal for the first time this year. The project goal is to inspire Senegalese people to give to local nonprofits. Although generosity is embedded in Senegalese culture, giving is mainly done among family and friends, and rarely to organizations that are serving a broader public.