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Hong Kong

Maria Nemy Lou Rocio

I am Maria Nemy Lou Rocio, I’m forty years old. I’m from the Philippines and working as a domestic helper here in Hong Kong for four years now. I am a member of different communities based in HK like Lensational HK and Uplifters. I love writing poems and short stories and have joined a lot of workshops outside HK. My love for writing and being close to the migrant community led me to create the Migrant Writers of Hong Kong on Facebook. I intended to create a social media platform for my fellow migrants wherein they can share their poems and stories and at the same time give them the opportunity to enhance their skills through workshops and continuous practice. I know that I am not that really good as a writer but in my own way, I wanted to help my fellow migrants also to improve themselves and make their stay in HK worthwhile.

“Generosity is sacrificing or sharing wholeheartedly what you have with others.”

- Maria Nemy Lou Rocio, Hong Kong

Migrant Writers of Hong Kong

The Migrant Writers of Hong Kong is a social media platform wherein members can freely share their written poems. It is also a community of migrants in Hong Kong that aims to provide learning tools for aspiring writers such as lectures and workshops. On our Facebook page, we have segments that challenge writers to write because we believe that practice will always help someone to become better. We also now have our online poetry reading shows through streamyard which helps boost the confidence of the writers through performance. We also already had organized a book launch and we are hoping to launch more in the future. We are a community that promotes also love literature and supporting self-published migrant authors. We hope that in the future we can have our own book fair and poetry festival here in Hong Kong.