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2022 Starling Collective Cohort

GivingTuesday’s Starling Collective is a global fellowship and experimental learning lab for grassroots leaders and movement builders who are catalyzing generosity, empathy, equity, and justice.

Our 2022 cohort includes 50 grassroots organizers, activists, artists, and changemakers representing 34 countries and ranging in age from 14 to 56 - all creating extraordinary impact.

Meet the Cohort
Aimee Levesque
Buffalo, NY

Aimee Levesque, from Buffalo, NY, United States, is writing a performance project that empowers persons from diverse backgrounds to tell their own stories and to speak their truth.

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Allyson Proulx
London, Ontario, Canada

Allyson Proulx is working against the harms perpetuated by the criminal legal system. She started a pen pal project to break the silence and isolation that occurs for people who are incarcerated.

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Amal Abdi
Rochester, New York

Amal Abdi works closely with refugees as part of their post-resettlement in the United States.

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Bangalore/Karnataka, India

Arpita is an artist and facilitator who's working to co-create experiences rooted in kindness, authenticity and interbeing with nature.

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Behance Julies
South Africa

Behance Julies, from South Africa, is working to increase rural, community-led philanthropy.

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Carolina Silva Farias
São Paulo, Brazil

Carolina Silva Farias is a leader of Dia De Doar, the GivingTuesday movement in Brazil.

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Caroline Galvez
Tubao, La Union, Philippines

Carol Galvez is working to educate, inform, organize and empower people to act and work towards earth, people, and future care in the Philippines and beyond.

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Cristina Simionescu
Bucharest, Romania

Cristina Simionescu, from Romania, believes that by understanding the interconnections between nature, people and can become more caring and empathetic.

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Dione Dwyer
Bridgeport, Connecticut

Dione Dwyer is President of Resident Council at PT Partners, a grassroots, resident-led organization that's empowering neighbors to actively break down systemic and institutional oppression.

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Ellie Robinson-Carter
United Kingdom

Ellie is a Socially Engaged Creative Practitioner and Consultant based in Plymouth (UK). After losing her grandfather to dementia, Ellie created The Photobook Project as a a way of empowering people living with dementia and their wider communities through the arts.

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Emily Marrah
Owosso, Michigan, United States

Emily leads a GivingTuesday community campaign called RaiseUpShiawassee and is working on creating community gardens in Shiawassee County, Michigan

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Hatitye Golden Mangwiro
Harare, Zimbabwe

Hatitye is launching The Pink Pyramid, a 3 dimensional, crowd-funding initiative that will provide free mammograms for women in Harare.

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Hilman Arioaji
Jakarta, Indonesia

Hilman Arioaji is working to increase young generation's awareness of disaster risk reduction through art and data.

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Husayn Zaguru Abdulqadir
Abuja, Nigeria

Husayn Zaguru is a didactic & artistic media creative, content creator, and filmmaker who is passionate about social & serial entrepreneurship. 

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Jahnay Go
New York City, United States

Jahnay Go aims to inspire people to define authenticity for themselves.

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Jehan Chreiki
Gros Islet, St. Lucia

Jehan Chreiki is developing a time-banking app to strengthen Caribbean Island communities through individual, group, and organizational skill exchanges.

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Jennifer Marie Richmond
Argentona, Barcelona, Spain

Jennifer Marie Richmond is an English teacher in Barcelona, Spain, and founder of Teachers For Peace. She believes that education and peace go hand in hand.

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Juan David Guarin Bonilla
Bogotá, Colombia

Juan David Guarín is adapting creative spaces for children and adolescents in the town of Ciudad Bolívar in Bogotá.

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Kabyar Hninn Set
Mawlamyine, Myanmar

Kabyar Hninn Set is an 18-year-old from Myanmar who's organizing low-cost career development courses for youth.

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Kassidy Braziel
Broward County, Florida, United States

Kassidy Braziel from Florida is encouraging high schoolers to establish safety clubs at various schools around gun control and bullying.

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Katheryne Monit Torres Aponte
Lima, Perú

Katheryne Monit Torres Aponte is teaching the young people of Lima the values of human rights, democracy, and environmental sustainability.

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Kean Dao
Winterville, North Carolina

Kean Dao, age 16, is the co-founder of the Environmental Droners, which uses technology to locate and track pollution and Litter Locator, a free tool that's helping to solve the crisis and impact of litter pollution.

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Lalaina Randriarimanana
Antananarivo, Madagascar

Lalaina Randriarimanana is a passion-driven non-formal education practitioner committed to fostering inclusive society.

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Lincoln Josué Escobar Salazar
Putumayo, Ecuador

Lincoln Josué Escobar Salazar is creating a mobile library so young people can tell stories and exchange learning.

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Luis Enrique Durán Flores
Cancún, México

Luis Enrique Durán Flores is developing a disruptive digital platform that will make it easier for people to connect with causes.

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Maria Grace Postiglione
Lexington, South Carolina

Maria Grace Postiglione (Мария Грейс Постильоне) is a GivingTuesday Spark Chapter Leader who's inspiring young people to give back to their communities through service and acts of kindness.

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Marianna Massaroni
Caracas, Venezuela

Marianna Massaroni is a Venezuelan architect who is making interventions in vulnerable communities through tactical urbanism and muralism.

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Michelle Karimi Mwirigi
Nairobi, Kenya

Michelle is an 18-year-old young afro-feminist from Kenya. She's a social entrepreneur working to empower young people via activism, mentorship, and community service. She founded SONGA, a program offering peer mentoring and a safe space for high school girls to navigate their career path.

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Millicent Kimaita
Nairobi, Kenya

Millicent Kimaita is working to uplift Kilimani Ward women by sharing their untold stories.

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Nikola Markovic
Kraljevo, Serbia

Nikola Markovic is a 19-year-old student in Kraljevo, Serbia. Driven by equality and justice, he's organizing a program that pairs people young and old to build a bridge of connection and understanding.

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Noreen Asekenye
Kampala, Uganda

Noreen Asekenye from Uganda shares authentic stories told by real people to contribute to a humane world.

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Oumaima Hrich
Casablanca, Morocco

Oumaima Hrich is an an English Language teacher who plans to launch a linguistic skills development program to support 200 homeless kids in Morocco.

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Patrick Rhodes
Tampa, Florida

Patrick Rhodes is working on an initiative that will provide 2,022 free books by people of color to local elementary schools in Tampa, Florida.

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Pravneet Chadha
Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Pravneet Chadha from Phoenix, Arizona, is leading a movement to encourage everyone to commit to simple acts of kindness and become a smile maker.

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Predrag Mijalković
Pančevo, Serbia

Predrag Mijalković is mobilizing people to help the elderly in remote, rural, and hard to reach areas in Serbia.

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Promise Makaka
Harare, Zimbabwe

Promise Makaka is a daring community organizer who believes in the beauty of the human person and that competent local solutions spring from community wisdom.

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Puja Yadav
Kathmandu, Nepal

Puja Yadav founded Humans of Medico, a story sharing platform for people in the health and medical field to share their ideas and spark meaningful conversation, offering a pathway into solving some of the biggest healthcare challenges faced by systematically marginalized communities.

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Regina Guzman
California, United States

Regina Guzman is a researcher, practitioner, and advocate for education justice.

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Raquel Alvarez Charqueño
San Luis Potosí, México

Raquel Alvarez Charqueño is rallying pro bono legal support for women experiencing violence in San Luis Potosí.

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Romina Tania Apala Ignacio
La Paz, Bolivia

Romina Tania Apala Ignacio is a professor and social and environmental activist working in La Paz, Bolivia.

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Selorm Adzimah
Tamale, Ghana

Selorm Adzimah is focused on practical environmental education within schools in Ghana.

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Serbest Salih
Mardin, Turkey

Serbest Salih is teaching children- many of whom are themselves refugees from Syria and Iraq- how to use photography to tell their stories.

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Sharmain Chin

Sharmain Chin is passionate about people. She is the co-founder of Total Wellness Initiative Singapore (TWIS) which aims to empower people to take a more holistic and preventive approach to caring for their personal wellness.

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Tande Elias Agobe Ruben
Juba, South Sudan

Tande Elias Agobe Ruben is a community volunteer in Juba, South Sudan, who uses media for direct advocacy and empowerment to ensure every citizen knows their rights.

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Torsten Koehler
Cape Town, South Africa

Torsten Koehler is a testicular cancer survivor, author of the book “Love Your Nuts – Testicular Cancer Touched My Life” and founder of the cancer charity “Love Your Nuts.”

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Tor Egil Ellingsen
Fagerstrand, Norway

Tor Ellingsen is a serial entrepreneur and has a passion for entrepreneurship. He's building a platform to help artists connect with causes.

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Wardah Noor
Layyah, Pakistan

Wardah Noor is a social activist, avid researcher, aspiring lawyer, and founder of KhudKaar, a social enterprise working on poverty alleviation.

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Yaser Alselwi
Sana'a, Yemen

Yaser Alselwi from Republic of Yemen is a labour union and civic society activist.

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Zahra Al Hilaly
Perth, Australia

Zahra is an internationally recognized vocalist for change. She is an advocate for gender equality, peace, and security.

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