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Bridgeport, Connecticut

Dione Dwyer

Dione Dwyer is a resident of PT Barnum Apartments, a public housing development in Connecticut. She is President of Resident Council and the System Change Fellow at PT Partners, a grassroots, resident-led organization.

Dione has over 1400 hours of advocacy, professional development, and relationship building. A major accomplishment was working alongside Dr. Kimberly Juanita Brown to familiarize community with black feminist organising. Dione sits at the table of local organizations to address politics, policies, and laws being proposed, changed, and created to ensure community becomes a meaningful part of the conversation and that their voice is captured.

PT Partners is a community-based, Black and Latinx-led organization committed to its mission of making low-income public housing (LIPH) in Bridgeport, specifically, in PT Barnum Apartments, Greene Homes, and Trumbull Gardens, neighborhoods where residents are empowered to break down systemic and institutional challenges in their lives, their neighborhoods, and the greater Bridgeport community. PTP has cultivated the leadership of 20 residents of these three LIPH complexes, who are responsible for managing PTP’s work. PTP is the vehicle for empowered Resident Leaders to identify the issues that matter most to their communities, and a structure and process to address them proactively.