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Antananarivo, Madagascar

Lalaina Randriarimanana

Lalaina is a passion-driven non-formal education practitioner committed to fostering inclusive society. Citizen empowerment, peace & development, democracy & election, natural resources and mental health awareness are key areas of her interest. Her volunteer and professional engagement include uplifting young people, advocating for social justice and community development. Lalaina is a co-founder of Liberty 32, a volunteer-based organization that works towards citizens’ civic and political participation.

Her work is about creating spaces that allow a person who may think they are ordinary to bring extraordinary actions and stand up for justice in a corrupted system. She believes in youth power in developing their communities and fellow citizens and is an advocate for youth mental health. She’s working on shifting the paradigm of education in Madagascar and over sub-Saharan Africa, building up hope and belief in the continent through our own actions.