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Harare, Zimbabwe

Promise Makaka

Promise Makaka is a daring community organizer who believes in the beauty of the human person and that competent local solutions spring from community wisdom. He is interested in working at the intersection of arts and movement building – and believes that art has a special way of disarming toxic social bases, and narratives – and rallying communities for the social good. His work in the residents movement revolves around facilitating information flow between duty-bearers and residents for informed solutions co-creation engagements.

Promise Makaka is the director of the Epworth Residence Development Association, a community group that envisions empowered residents living dignified lives underpinned by deep local democracy. He is also the convener of a grassroots platform, the Slums and Peri-Urban Residence Alliance – the forum seeks to catalyze movement building infrastructure within Harare slums for improved social services. His project, the ‘Open Gates Initiative’ is a creative attempt at catalyzing community empathy for water resiliency within the slums constellation of the Epworth.