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Winterville, North Carolina

Kean Dao

Kean Dao is 16 years old and resides in Winterville, North Carolina in the United States. As a Junior at D.H. Conley Highschool, he is involved in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), where he holds the position of Vice-President of Testing Events for the largest FBLA chapter in the state. He plays varsity tennis, and maintains a high academic standard. He is also an Advisory Board member of Love-A-Sea-Turtle, co-founder of Environmental Droners, developer of the “Litter Locator” web-app, and an EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassador. In addition to these activities, he works full-time as a Hibachi Chef at his family’s restaurant.


“When I think of a world powered by generosity I envision a community that works together towards a common and noble goal of saving and protecting our environment.

- Kean Dao, Winterville, North Carolina