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Harare, Zimbabwe

Hatitye Golden Mangwiro

Hatitye is launching The Pink Pyramid, a 3 dimensional, crowd-funding initiative that will provide free mammograms for women, annually during October. A Pyramid is constructed in a public park in Harare’s central business district, to raise awareness and inspire a collective goal to the public. When 1/7 of the donation target is pledged, 1/7 of the pyramid will light up, until the pyramid is completely lit!

Hatitye Golden Mangwiro is a first degree Graduate in Architectural studies from the National University of Science and Technology. He is currently studying towards a Master of Science Degree in Production Systems at the University of Zimbabwe. Hatitye is incredibly passionate about Language and Design and is constantly considering how to unite the two in installation works that tell stories that work to inspire his community towards a collective greater good.