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2021 Starling Collective Cohort

Meet the Cohort

GivingTuesday’s Starling Collective is a global fellowship and experimental learning lab for grassroots leaders and movement builders who are catalyzing generosity, empathy, equity, and justice.

Our 2021 cohort includes 50 grassroots organizers, activists, artists, and changemakers representing 29 countries and ranging in age from 14 to 57--all creating extraordinary impact.

Meet the Cohort
Agita Pasaribu
Bullyid Indonesia
Depok, West Java, Indonesia

Agita founded Bullyid App, which uses AI to identify cyberbullying as well as other forms of harassment and domestic violence.

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Alayne Unterberger
FICS - Florida Institute for Community Studies
Tampa, Florida

Alayne is working to increase awareness of mutual aid at a national level to explore the possibilities of this culture of giving to improve the quality of life for all.

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Alicia Rivera Duran
Alacena Feminista Mayagüez
Isabela, Puerto Rico

Alicia is promoting solidarity between community members with the purpose of eradicating food insecurity in the urban area of ​​Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, and its border areas.

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Aline Telles Coelho
Agbara Fund
Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Aline is the creator and founder of the Agbara Fund, 1st philanthropic fund for black women in Brazil.

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Amie Peacock
Beyond the Conversation
Vancouver, Canada

Amie is building friendship and community to end loneliness and social isolation.

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Anya Nedungadi
Bridging the Gap
London, United Kingdom

16-year-old Anya is working to bridge the privilege gap in her community by targeting the disparity between the quality of teaching in private schools and the quality of teaching in state schools.

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Ashley Nevison
Sargeant's Army
Phoenix, Arizona

14-year-old Ashley is organizing packing parties for hope bags with supplies for those who are experiencing homelessness and is helping other youths get involved in their communities.

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Bernard Gabriel Kivuma
Mental Health for Key Populations
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Bernard is working to make mental health and wellness services easily available for vulnerable groups in Tanzania.

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Carlos Akhdar
Paths: Perspectives on Quilombola Communities
Juiz de Fora, Brazil

Carlos is building connections amongst 5 slave descendant communities in Brazil.

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Collin Sserunjogi
Christmas at Cajon
Matugga, Uganda

Collin is inspiring giving through music with a live music festival that is performed in different parts of Uganda.

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Davi Cabeça
Bauru, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Davi is uniting transgender people and health employees to initiate the process of organizing our needs.

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Dameyonna Willis
Queen IAM
Cleveland, Ohio

Dameyonna is empowering young women and girls through events and curriculum focused on self-love, self-respect, and self-understanding.

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Diana Cano
Circulo de Dar en GivingTuesday Colombia
Bogota, Colombia

Diana is creating and promoting giving circles as a means to engage the community and increase generosity in Colombia,

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Elizabeth (Marley) Semende
Fund a Minority
Harare, Zimbabwe

Elizabeth is launching Fund a Minority, an innovative approach that connects potential donors with marginalized entrepreneurs.

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Ellie Tsuchiya
National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF)
Atlanta, Georgia

Ellie is setting up a local economic justice campaign in Georgia, using the arts to humanize, amplify, and rally people together.

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Gabriela Santiago
Box of Change
Contagem-Minas Gerais, Brazil

Gabriela is working to reforest areas affected by fire in Brazil and educate Brazilians on sustainability and conservation.

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Georgina Orellana
San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina

Georgina is creating spaces with young people from different social realities to learn skills to listen, to look at themselves and others, from a place of empathy.

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Hafsa Ahmed
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Hafsa co-founded Peer-Minded, a youth-led mental health organization in the UAE empowering and equipping students to take charge of their wellbeing.

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Imane Lakbachi
Concealed Narratives
Cassablanca, Morocco

Imane Lakbachi is a 22-year-old gender equality advocate from Casablanca, Morocco.

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Javier Ortiz Cortés
El Mundo de los Muñecos: Puppet World Inc.
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Javier is leading theater plays with puppets and workshops that highlight the importance of generosity and decent work.

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Jessica Manfre
Inspire Up Foundation / GivingTuesdayMilitary
O'Fallon, Illinois

Jessica is launching a project to create in-school pantries and laundry rooms in Title 1 schools across the United States.

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Jinyi Duan
The Flavor Continues
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Jinyi Duan is the Executive Director of The Flavor Continues, a nonprofit who serves the street and club dance communities, advocating for the continued authentic culture of these various dance forms.

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Josilene Brandão da Costa
Coletivo Dan Eji
São Luís do Maranhão, Brazil

Joseline is working to combat religious and institutional racism that affects traditional peoples, with an emphasis on peripheral black and Afro-religious women.

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Kersha Taitano
Dededo, Guam

Kersha aims to connect Guam's youth with opportunities for continued education and career exploration.

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Magdalena Concha Correa
Fundación Sonrisas
Santiago, Chile

Magdalena is reaching out to the most vulnerable communities in Chile without access to oral health with the idea of Social Dentistry.

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Malou Morgan
Christ Church, Barbados

Malou is working to launch BloodBud, a blood donation app on a mission to grow a thriving blood donor community in Barbados.

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Maria Nemy Lou Rocio
Migrant Writers of Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Maria is creating writing communities to connect and support other migrant workers in Hong Kong.

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Mateo Molina
Humankind Cookies
Pleasanton, California

14-year-old Mateo bakes and sells cookies with his sister to support families in need in Cali, Colombia.

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Michael Stutesman
The LeadingExample
Highland, Michigan

Michael is working to build a gaming community that unites gamers, as well as artists of all kinds, to give back.

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Mihai Stescu
Faces of Autism
Bucharest, Romania

Mihai is working to raise awareness of autism through photography and storytelling.

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Mundih Noelar Njohjam
Epilepsy Awareness and Aid Foundation
Bamenda, Cameroon

Mundih is raising awareness of Epilepsy through school programs, educative talk in communities, social media, and local media outlets.

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Nat Skoczylas
Berlin, Germany

Nat is building a feminist brewery project that aims at creating a space in which we can learn brewing in a decentralized, peer-to-peer way, experiment with fermentation, get creative, and build a community embedded in feminist history and values.

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Nguyen Tran Thuy Tien
Psycho-Education and Applied Research Center for the Deaf (PARD)
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nguyen Tran Thuy Tien is launching a Deaf Empowerment project to empower deaf leaders by building confidence and skills in leadership and policy influencing.

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Nicole McDonald
Mini Putt Projects
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Nicole is a creative connector in Philadelphia and is working to provide emerging artists more opportunities and stability while connecting communities with art and outreach.

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Nikole Lim
Freely in Hope
Berkeley, California

Nikole is equipping survivors to lead in ending the cycle of sexual violence.

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Omar Delgado
Fundación Hábiles
Caracas, Venezuela

Omar is s providing support to vulnerable communities in Venezuela by facilitating access to mental health and rehabilitation services.

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Pearl Odigwe
Migration and Migration Alignment (MAMA)
Milan, Italy

Pearl is building inclusive opportunities and activities to help African migrants, vulnerable groups and minorities in Milan to positively integrate into their communities.

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Phil McGrath
LMC The Cornerstone
Lancaster UK

Phil is working to connect communities by encouraging neighborhood outreach and skill sharing, with a focus on addressing loneliness and isolation in the elderly population.

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Rafael Abrahan Pacheco Gualdron
Red Joven Venezuela
San Fernando, Estado Apure, Venezuela

Rafael is working with youth to promote human rights and creating urban gardens for access to fresh food in vulnerable populations.

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Sharifah Khadijah Syed Razif
Doctors on Ground
Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Khadijah works to challenge medical discrimination toward refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers in Malaysia.

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Sherry Soon
Be Kind SG

Sherry is creating micro-employment opportunities for youths with special needs to engage and empower them.

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Shougat Nazbin Khan
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Shougat is using video storytelling to dismantle extremism and encourage generosity, empathy, equity, and social justice among people for more peaceful communities.

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Sinoxolo Duma
Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Sinoxolo is a skilled communicator who is creating a wellness program to address bullying

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Sureya Ibrahim
Mothers of Peace Regent Park
Toronto, Canada

Sureya is building the Healing Circle program to help women in the community to heal from traumas, such as gun violence, domestic abuse, loss of a child, and more.

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Tumiso Mathenge
Girl to Girl
Nairobi, Kenya

Tumiso is spreading period positivity and finding ways to help provide sanitary towels for less privileged school-going girls across Kenya.

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Ver Ikeseh
920 Project
Abuja, Nigeria

Ver is transforming dilapidated structures in slums and rural communities with his colorful murals.

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Vinod Kumar Pandey
Mijwan Welfare Society
Uttar Pradesh, India

Vinod is leading efforts to establish cafes for migrants to receive help with employment, health programs, and information exchange.

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Winfred Namu Malalo
Dyslexia Mombasa
Mombasa, Kenya

Winfred helping to spread awareness of dyslexia and support parents and teachers.

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Winifred Otokhina
TonyMay Foundation
Lagos, Nigeria

Winifred is an advocate and leader, connecting people living with Sickle Cell Disorder to specialists, doctors, and hospitals in emergency situations.

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