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San Fernando, Estado Apure, Venezuela

Rafael Abrahan Pacheco Gualdron

Rafael is a Student of Law and Social Communication, having worked hand in hand with non-profit foundations that promote the social development of the most vulnerable population in the country. One of his greatest passions is to learn many foreign languages ​​and to be able to have a teaching center so that many young people can learn for free. He has provided scholarships to outstanding young people so that they can learn English without having to pay anything, they just have to show their leadership and social commitment. In the future, Rafael envisions being a successful professional and an activist who fights for rights and good opportunities for all Venezuelans.

“Generosity is being able to understand the need of the other and be able to contribute without receiving anything in return.”

- Rafael Abrahan Pacheco Gualdron, San Fernando, Estado Apure, Venezuela

Red Joven Venezuela

Red Joven Venezuela works with young people, its mission is to educate on issues such as socio-politics, resilience, human rights, emotional intelligence. This seeks the empowerment of everyone in general. In turn, we have training workshops in trades so that participants can learn a skill either in baking or carpentry and can have an economic income. Additionally, Urban Gardens seeks that families grow in their own homes food such as vegetables, fruits, and vegetables to fight hunger in times as difficult as those we are living, this is linked to the objectives of sustainable development.