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Christ Church, Barbados

Malou Morgan

Malou Morgan was born and raised in Barbados. After studying and living abroad for many years, Malou returned to Barbados and started working on a number of social projects at the intersection of community development, women’s empowerment, and sustainable tourism. One of those projects is Caribbean Collaborative, a regional volunteer platform connecting people with organizations in need of skilled and passionate volunteers. Since 2017, Malou has hosted Giving Tuesday Barbados, focussing on projects that promote nonmonetary generosity such as volunteering, blood donations, and children’s book drives. Malou is working to launch BloodBud, a blood donation app on a mission to grow a thriving blood donor community in Barbados and other Caribbean Small Island Developing States.



“Generosity is giving of yourself in the form of time, talent, and treasure.”

- Malou Morgan, Christ Church, Barbados


Barbados has dangerously low rates of voluntary blood donations. According to an article published in our local newspaper in 2013, less than 200 people are consistent donors in Barbados. Our challenge is to make the public and especially blood donors understand just how important their contribution is and to increase blood donations in Barbados. BloodBud is an online application aimed at increasing blood donations in Barbados and growing the blood donor community. BloodBud connects blood donors and blood centers, who are interested in recording and following blood donations, and encourages donors to donate regularly, while also partnering with local businesses to offer rewards to donors.