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Mombasa, Kenya

Winfred Namu Malalo

Dyslexia is an almost foreign term here in Mombasa. Last year my six-year-old was diagnosed with phonological dyslexia and we had to travel to Nairobi in order to get assessed due to the lack of facilities in Mombasa. I have seen other parents agonize over how to help their children and teachers who have had no training whatsoever on this learning difference. I want to help spread awareness of Dyslexia in my city and country and support parents and teachers in this area.

“Generosity is giving with a grateful heart and never expecting to be paid back.”

- Winfred Namu Malalo, Mombasa, Kenya

Dyslexia Mombasa

I would like to establish a Center for Education Excellence – where teachers and other educators, caregivers, mentors can be skilled and resourced to support children with learning disabilities. Create awareness among teachers in my city on dyslexia and other learning challenges in children, supporting teachers in the identification of children and providing them with or referring them to sources of support. Through awareness and sensitization, dispel the cultural myths that surround children with learning challenges.