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Berlin, Germany

Nat Skoczylas

Nat Skoczylas (she/them) is an artist, writer, researcher, athlete, organizer, and anarchist based in Berlin. Their interests span anarchist utopias and spiritual anarchy, acid communism and ways in which humans and non-humans connect, brewing and fermenting as political and community weaving practice, collective intelligence and its radical uses, political dimensions of rest, water rituals and relations, hydrofeminist speculative futures, relationship anarchy and alternative ways of making families and kin. They also dab in game design – urban games and LARPs.

“Generosity helps me overcome the need for reciprocity, believing that by giving away, I create well-being and wealth that encompass and cushion me.”

- Nat Skoczylas, Berlin, Germany


FemAle is a guerilla, feminist brewery project that aims at creating a space in which we can learn brewing, in a decentralized, peer to peer way, experiment with fermentation, get creative, and build a community embedded in feminist history and values. FemAle aims to become a space of consciousness rising and solidarity, using fermentation and beer as a medium through which we share stories of the role women played in beer brewing in the past. We’re reconnecting with our grand-grand mothers who used to brew in their kitchens, along with the beer they baked. We are tracing our steps back to women who, just a few centuries ago, gathered in taverns and gossiped about their families and struggles. There are myriads of other stories that we still want to share, discover, and understand collectively. And for that, we are slowly building our small brewery and a safe space, to be defined by the community, ever-expanding and changing.