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GivingTuesday is gathering creative strategies and tactics for using generosity to strengthen our social fabric. Explore snapshots of how individuals and communities across the globe are actively using generosity as an instrument for catalyzing positive change. Get inspiration for how you might grow giving in your community, forging a path toward a more compassionate and connected society. 

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GivingTuesday Nigeria leaders during a food collection
Generosity Intervention | Global 13

Make Volunteering Easy

Simplify the path to volunteerism by curating a list of local volunteer opportunities and create a streamlined way for community members to give their gift of time.  Or you can…

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A family of 4 standing in front of a tree, smiling and holding signs that say " North Texas Giving Tuesday Now"
Generosity Intervention | Global 7

Host a Giving Day

Giving Days are fundraising events (typically 24 hours long) aimed at bringing communities together to raise awareness for the social good efforts in a city, increase engagement, and drive donations.…

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You are worthy in chalkf
Art | North America 15

Brighten Daily Walks with Love Notes

Take over the sidewalks of your city or town with heartwarming #LoveNotes. Armed with chalk and creativity, write messages of love, gratitude, and kindness to uplift the spirits of everyone…

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a tin with a message and cash in it
Generosity Intervention | North America 11

Organize a Generosity Scavenger Hunt

In Springfield, Missouri, United States, one individual ignited a treasure hunt of kindness, uniting the community through a Generosity Scavenger Hunt. As participants embarked on this thrilling quest, they were…

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person with lots of animal food surrounding them
Animals | North America 9

Create a Community Pantry for Pets

Consider establishing a "Community Pantry for Pets" in your community that would provide essential pet supplies to those in need. This effort ensures that pets receive the care and support…

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support local nonprofits on a marquee at a theater
Art | Global 6

Take Over Billboards and Marquees in Your City

Seize the spotlight on billboards and marquees. Sometimes, billboard companies offer discounted rates for leftover space. You can also collaborate with your local theaters or small businesses that have signage,…

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