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Plant a Tree

Take a step towards a greener, healthier planet by planting trees. It’s an act of generosity that not only benefits the environment but also reflects a commitment to a sustainable future.

Here’s some inspiration from GivingTuesday Starling Collective Fellow Lesein Mutunkei. “At the age of 12 years, I started hearing and reading about deforestation and plastic pollution happening in my country Kenya. I was shocked to read that my country loses everyday trees the size of 138 football fields. I decided I must do something to stop it. I decided to bring two things that I love most – football and nature and came up with Trees For Goals.” ¬†For every goal their football team scores, they plant a tree, linking their passion for sports with their passion for improving our planet.

Whether you start a tree planting challenge of your own, join in on Trees4Goals, or simply plant one tree in your own backyard, every contribution toward a more sustainable planet counts.


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