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Caremongering: Fostering Compassion in Your Community

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the heartwarming caremongering movement emerged in Canada. It united community members and fostered compassion during challenging times. Originating in a Toronto Facebook group, caremongering networks quickly spread nationwide, emphasizing Canadians’ kindness and commitment to assisting vulnerable neighbors. Along with the concept of mutual aid, caremongering is thought of as a possible community-led solution to a lot of systemic issues.

Paul Viennau, who joined the caremongering group in Halifax, told the BBC that the help he received through the trend felt “like a hug.” “There’s a lot of negative things about social media. It’s a place that can make you feel isolated normally. This is an opportunity for people to reach out and help each other.”

Here are a few of the things caremonger groups helped neighbors out with during the pandemic:

  1. Grocery Shopping: Caremonger groups assisted with grocery runs for those who couldn’t leave their homes, ensuring that essential items were delivered to their doorsteps.
  2. Prescription Pick-Ups: They provided a crucial service by picking up and delivering medications for individuals at higher risk.
  3. Virtual Socializing: Recognizing the importance of social connection, caremonger groups organized virtual events, such as video chats and online game nights, to combat isolation.
  4. Emergency Errands: Whether it was urgent pet care, vehicle repairs, or other essential errands, these groups stepped in to help.
  5. Mental Health Support: Caremongers offered a listening ear and emotional support to those grappling with anxiety or loneliness.
  6. Home Maintenance: Volunteers assisted with minor home repairs, gardening, and other maintenance tasks to ensure a safe and comfortable living environment.
  7. Childcare: With schools and daycares closed, caremonger groups helped parents by offering childcare services or sharing resources for at-home learning.
  8. Providing Masks and PPE: Many caremongers contributed to the creation and distribution of masks and personal protective equipment to protect their communities.
  9. Tech Assistance: They aided seniors and others in adapting to technology for virtual doctor’s appointments, connecting with family, and accessing online resources.
  10. Diverse Resources: Caremonger groups shared information about local services, financial assistance, and mental health resources, helping their neighbors navigate the challenges of the pandemic.

Caremongering isn’t just for pandemic times; it’s an enduring model of community support. To start a group today, identify a local need or issue that could benefit from collective care and attention. Reach out through social media, community organizations, and word of mouth to bring like-minded individuals together, fostering a network of compassion that can address ongoing challenges.

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