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Street-Sweeping Generosity: Clean Up Your Community

An act of generosity can be as easy as cleaning up the litter in your neighborhood. By picking up discarded waste and tidying up shared spaces, you’re not just enhancing the aesthetics of your community, but also demonstrating care for your neighbors and the environment. This act of generosity has a ripple effect, as it contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, one piece of litter at a time, making your community not only cleaner but also playing a role in combatting climate change. When you take the initiative to clean up your streets, you’re not just removing trash; you’re sending a powerful message that collective kindness can uplift your community and create a more pleasant, harmonious environment for all.

Tuesdays for Trash crew celebrating on the beachTuesdays Are For Trash

Tuesdays for Trash, a grassroots environmental movement, inspired individuals globally to give back to our Earth on GivingTuesday 2020 by picking up litter in their respective communities. They aimed to collect 1000 pounds of trash with participants from every continent. Throughout the day, they documented these actions on social media, raising awareness about the global litter problem, and inspiring more people to join this simple act of care for our planet.

Pictured above: GivingTuesday Tanzania team in 2022 during a clean up the streets initiative they organized on GivingTuesday

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