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GivingTuesday for Nonprofits + Community Organizations

Nonprofits, community organizers, grassroots groups, and mutual aid networks from all over the world have been using GivingTuesday as a galvanizing moment for their communities since 2012. From amplifying your mission, to fundraising, rallying volunteers, to building a movement for your cause, there are hundreds of different ways to participate in GivingTuesday.

How Nonprofits + Community Organizations Participate in GivingTuesday

Case Studies

Fundraise for Your Cause

YearUp used email, social, and video to tell the story of what’s possible when donors give the gift of opportunity. The organization added a personal touchpoint by holding a volunteer-led phone-a-thon. They set a goal of 500 gifts with the incentive of unlocking a $50K challenge gift from a family foundation. At the end of the day, they secured more than 615 gifts, raising $240,000 to advance their mission.

Rally Your Community to Help You Succeed

Fenix Youth Project set a goal of $3,000 to fund their homeless + runaway youth outreach program. They ended the day with over $7,000 by leveraging community-led Facebook fundraisers, hosting a Twitter chat, and encouraging their supporters to post why they're involved in the cause using the hashtag #NoLongerInvisibleTuesday.

Share Their Joy

Fill a Gap in Your Community

An animal rescue in Brazil saw a need in their neighborhood and helped fill it! They held an event on GivingTuesday so that people experiencing homelessness could get their pets bathed and groomed. They partnered with other organizations to also offered free food, masks, and a number of activities for young people.

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Fundraise for Another Organization

Rather than fundraising for their own organization, the HELP International team decided to fundraise for another organization making a big difference in the refugee crisis. “Often times,
in the world of nonprofits, there is this toxic notion of competition, despite united causes,” said HELP International. “We recognize that it is together, not through division, that we will be able to reach our full potential and meet the needs of the people that need help the most. Together, our impact is stronger.”

Start a Challenge

University students organized a spicy noodle challenge to raise funds for kids and schools in Malaysia. The fundraisers ate progressively spicier noodles as their friends increased their donations.

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Bring Holiday Cheer

The kids growing up on 65th & MLK Drive in Chicago are used to the blue lights of police cars, not the lights of holiday decorations. On GivingTuesday, My Block My Hood My City- a coalition of volunteers from far reaching corners of the city and suburbs- hung lights + holiday decor to interrupt trauma + bring cheer. Volunteers decorated 500 street poles, held a tree lighting ceremony, and hosted holiday activities for residents.

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Best Practices

Goal Setting for GivingTuesday

Our research shows that when organizations set a goal for GivingTuesday they are far more likely to succeed. Setting goals early on gives focus to planning activities that align with the objective of the campaign and how impact will be measured.

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Bringing a Spirit of Abundance to GivingTuesday

Believing in the fixed pie fallacy hurts the sector and also goes against the principles upon which GivingTuesday was founded: power is for everyone to share and wield together and there’s enough money for every nonprofit to get the support they need.

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The Key to Success on GivingTuesday

We’ve learned a lot in the past eight years of GivingTuesday, and in a year like this, it’s especially helpful to have all that knowledge to lean on. Watch our webinar recording that walks you through how to create a successful GivingTuesday campaign for your nonprofit.

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Tools + Resources

Check out these resources for ideas, tactical tips, templates for social media and email, and more to create a successful GivingTuesday activation.

Connect With Your Local GivingTuesday Movement

Don't forget to connect with your local GivingTuesday community. GivingTuesday country and community campaigns offer opportunities like fundraising and community organizing training, matches, prizes, events, and more. You'll also get the opportunity to collaborate with your local community on something big.

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