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Region: North America

3 Nov 2023

Caremongering: Fostering Compassion in Your Community

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the heartwarming caremongering movement emerged in Canada. It united community members and fostered compassion during challenging times. Originating in a Toronto Facebook group,…

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You are worthy in chalkf
26 Oct 2023

Brighten Daily Walks with Love Notes

Take over the sidewalks of your city or town with heartwarming #LoveNotes. Armed with chalk and creativity, write messages of love, gratitude, and kindness to uplift the spirits of everyone…

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a tin with a message and cash in it
26 Oct 2023

Organize a Generosity Scavenger Hunt

In Springfield, Missouri, United States, one individual ignited a treasure hunt of kindness, uniting the community through a Generosity Scavenger Hunt. As participants embarked on this thrilling quest, they were…

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person with lots of animal food surrounding them
26 Oct 2023

Create a Community Pantry for Pets

Consider establishing a "Community Pantry for Pets" in your community that would provide essential pet supplies to those in need. This effort ensures that pets receive the care and support…

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