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Starling Collective Frequently Asked Questions

The Starling Collective


Need more information about GivingTuesday's Starling Collective? We have answers. Click on the questions below to learn more.

What is the Starling Collective?
Who is organizing this?
What are the benefits of being a part of this?
Who is eligible for The Starling Collective?
What will be expected of me should I be accepted into the Starling Collective?
What are the requirements to apply for Starling Collective?
I have co-leaders or a group -- can we all apply and participate together?
Is this a funding opportunity for my nonprofit or charity?
In what languages is the application available?
How much funding is available?
What is the timeline? When will applications be reviewed?
How are the applications reviewed and selected?
Do I have to pay taxes on the microgrant?
Can I nominate someone for this program?
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